February 2016 Report

Hello Beloved,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus, I pray that all is well.

This Month of February, we set out and launched the church planter program in South-Western Uganda. This is a new opening for the church planters training program which also happens to be an avenue through which we are to introduce and establish some of our other programs including the children and youth ministry programs, prison ministry, film ministry, economic empowerment programs with a focus to evangelise and disciple the masses. A total of 20 potential church planters from five of the ten districts along the DR Congo-Uganda Boarder attended the training among whom were pastors from four of the six huge refugee camps in the region with a total population of over 200,000 refugees. 

The Church planters program is a five module training programs designed to equip ordinary believers with practical skills on the dynamics of church planting and commissioned to go forth and plant churches. The overall vision of the church planters program is to produce “A LIVING CHURCH IN EVERY COMMUNITY, PLANTED BY ORDINARY BELIEVERS EQUIPPED WITH PRACTICAL SKILLS AND TOOLS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY ENCOURAGED TO WORK TOGETHER”.


Through the church planters program in 17 districts across the country, this month, a total of 1,022 people were reached with the Gospel through door to door evangelism, church programs and open air crusades. A total of 267 people surrendered their lives to Christ during the evangelistic outreach programs with 103 absorbed in the churches and prayer groups. A total of 73 new people joined the prayer groups and 23 new members baptised through the programs.

We trained 27 children and youth ministry leaders in the district of Kampala through our leaders training program equipping the trainees with skills regarding the basic principles on starting a children ministry, principles of programing with children, relating and meting the basic needs of children. The three module children ministry focuses on equipping the leaders with skills for effectiveness and relevance as they minister to children and youth.

A total of 1,877 children were reached through the community bible club programs with 127 children surrendering their lives to Christ. A total of 57 children graduated from our ongoing children ministry discipleship program.

We had the opportunity to reach Owinyi community in Mbale district Eastern Uganda, Bulisa district community in south western Uganda through different evangelistic programs through which we distributed 5,980 tracts and 2,600 children booklets. A total of 37 adults including 4 Muslims and 122 children surrendered their lives to Christ during the program.


As you pray with us, please stand with us in prayer for

  • The national children ministry module two training slated for 12th March 2016. This training is set to attract leaders from 25 districts of our operation to be equipped with skills concerning helping children Pursue Godly Character through Love, Humility, Receiving Truth, Repentance, Mercy and Forgiveness , Embracing Discipleship, Dying to Self, Servant hood, Child-likeness, Emotional Stability and Wholeness, Healthy Relationships, and Taking Responsibility
  • Pray also for the peace of Uganda especially at this time of transition where the masses seem disgruntled and threatening to engage in violent activities. Pray that the whole process will take a peaceful course.
  •  Pray for our monthly ministry budget. Our current budget is not adequate enough to help us explore our set goals for this year especially the evangelistic and discipleship programs. This challenge comes with the new doors opening in communities and refugee camps across the country.
  •  Continue to also pray for our church planter at Namuganza (Pr. Joshua) who is soliciting for funds for the roofing of the church structure. Pray also for the renovation of the staff chapel at Kitalya prison where 300 prison staff meet every week for prayers shelled in 1970’s but now in a terrible state.
  • Pray for Day Star primary school a school located in eastern Uganda that we adopted and partner with in reaching children in the Kikalamoja community. Kikalamoja is a slum community adjacent to the school from which over 70% of the schools population dwells. Characterised by poverty, illiteracy and drunkenness, almost most of the school going children from the community dwell on one meal per day provided by the school. The school is currently undergoing financially challenges with a likeness to fail to honour its commitment to educate and empower the children in this community this year. Please follow this link for more details on the school
  •  Last but not least pray for the new openings in south western Uganda. Pray that God will connect us with genuine partners and individuals/churches and for the successful establishment of our ministry programs.

On behalf of myself, the entire team and beneficiaries of our ministry programs, we wish to express our heart filled appreciation and gratitude for your generous support towards the ministry programs in Uganda. Your incredible support has made a positive difference in the lives of people and communities throughout the country. It’s because of your willingness to stand with us that we are determined to endeavour to improve the well-being and holistically effect individuals and communities I the areas the Lord leads us.  Thanks can’t convey how truly grateful we are. Our prayer is that the almighty will continue to prosper you in all your endeavours. Please do not hesitate to visit check out how you can support these programs by clicking the DONATEbutton on the top of the page.

Please help us spread the good news and reach the lost in the communities. 

May the almighty God Bless you.

Yours I service




January 2016 Report

Dear Partner,  

Greetings beloved partner. Allow me take this opportunity to welcome you to this page and thank you for your consistence in following our activities through the monthly ministry reports. I and the entire team greatly appreciate your commitment and interest in the work we do.

It’s with great pleasure therefore that I bring to you this report concerning our January activities praying it will be blessing.

This month 786 children were reached through our community bible clubs. 116 children surrendered their lives to Christ, 235 children booklets and tracts were distributed in the clubs.

“Clubs are an effective way to reach and disciple the children especially during this long holiday period when the children don’t attend school and are redundant” says Teddy a volunteer at the Bulange Community bible club.

A total of 23 children and youth workers were trained through our leader’s vision casting training this month. The training entirely focused on introducing the children and youth workers to basics of their ministries, Vision , goal setting, building a viable and vibrant children and youth ministry.

“The ministries are not registering much success and there is minimal breakthroughs in communities where the majority of the population is comprised of children and youth. The major reason for this being lack of skill in effective administration of the children and youth programs.” Says Maria the coordinator of the training program.mpala. The majority of the trainees had never attended any major children and youth ministry training.


Maria attended one of our training’s two years ago at the African Renewal University in Ka

“I am privileged to have been part of this training, my vision for the church has broadened and this has increased my capacity of understanding of the concept of church planting” said Pr. Mulawa Emmanuel after attending the module 3 church planters program. A total of 23 potential church planters attended the five day program and were commission to go forth and impact their communities

The church planters program is a five module training program started in December 2014 with a vision “TO PLANT A LIVING CHURCH IN EVERY COMMUNITY, PLANTED BY ORDINARY BELIEVERS WHO ARE EQUIPPED WITH PRACTICAL SKILLS AND TOOLS”. Since its inception, a total of 17 churches, 5 Children community bible clubs, and 73 prayer groups have so far been planted in different districts of the five regions of Uganda.

We believe to see even greater achievements as the program expands to new communities.


Stephen is a children’s worker at Glory temple church located approximately 15kms from Kampala city centre. Stephen attended the “connected” first module training when His church invited us to conduct a children’s ministry training at the church premises. Through the training, Stephen learnt how children develop, their characteristics, how to teach a bible lesson that meets their needs, how to lead a child to Christ, how to lead children into worship, how to lead children’s discussion/ Bible Study. With the skills attained, Stephen was more capable of effectively serving in the ministry.

“The children’s ministry training helped shape me for ministry and build confidence in me as I serve the children.  It’s hard to believe but now I help my fellow facilitators develop their skill in serving children” said Stephen when we visited his church.

 As a result of the training, Stephen has become instrumental in teaching and mentoring the children in the ministry. He has been granted responsibility of mentoring the other facilitators in the ministry.

As a result of the effectiveness of the children’s ministry at the church, the facilitators have become more enthusiastic and committed to serving in the ministry. There has also been an increase in the number of children in the church.

“We always had an average of 35-45 children coming for the Sunday program every weekend. But now averages of 75 children attend the Sunday programs with the numbers deemed to rise past 100 when schools break off for the Christmas holiday. I attribute this to the proper guideline and the curriculum you introduced during the training” explained Stephen.

As a result of Patrick’s contribution and flourishing in the ministry, the church has greatly benefited and is deemed to see even much more progress.


  • Please as you pray for us, remember to specifically pray for
  •  For the upcoming South western Uganda Church Planters Module 1 Training/program
  •  Pray for the evangelistic and discipleship programs in February.
  •  Continue sustaining the open doors to minister to the refugee camps in southern, central and northern Uganda
  •  Believe God with us for provision for a set of local drums for Bunazzi community church and for the completion of the Grace evangelical church Bugiri that’s currently under construction requiring iron sheets for roofing.
  • Also pray for a PA system for the Jesus film ministry in the communities

We are so delighted for your continued support and we are grateful for the support towards the programs in Uganda. There is already enormous transformation and revival taking place and we believe in a short while, this transformation will not only be limited to the communities but the nation at large. Please do not hesitate to visit check out how you can support these programs by clicking the DONATE button on the top of the page to see how you can partner with us in reaching the lost and empowering/ transforming communities.

We never cease to thank God for your generosity but also pray that He continues to prosper you in all your endeavors.





The Mercy Link Ministry Results for 2015

Greetings Beloved Partners,

I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus and Pray that all is well.

As we finalise on this year 2015, the year of the Lord, I would like to bring to you the summary of all our ministry activities for this year. Below are the ministry activities and statistics corresponding to the ministry activities








School outreaches done

                   New Schools  21

                   Old Schools    22





Prison outreach Done

                  New Prisons    12

                  Old Prisons     20





Film outreach Done





Trainings conducted                         





Church Planter Program

     National Leaders Trained

     Regional Leaders Trained

     Churches Planted

     People Reached

     Baptisms Made

     Adult Cell Groups Started

     Children Cell Groups Started  





















Districts Reached 




Children and  Youth Groups

                   New Cells  6

                   Cells    18





Churches Reached



People with Disabilities









WAY FORWARD                         

We are set to continue building the different programs established this year. Among the strategies to be undertaken include

1.    Church Planting: Strengthening the viability of the church planters program through training and expanding the scope of the church planter programs.

2.    Leadership Develop in Prisons: we have received an invitation to train approximately 700 prison cadets at the prisons training school with leadership and discipleship skills to establish small groups and churches upon being passed as prison workers at the different prison facilities around the country. This is an opportunity to reach and engage inmates with the Gospel and disciple them while still in prison through and by the Cadets.

3.    Establish Training and Guest House Facilities. This is a plan we look forward to implement in the near future on the 10 acre piece of land the Lord has blessed the ministry with. This will cut the cost of hiring training and guest house facilities for the different programs but also enable the ministry grow its magnitude of impact through its training programs but also boost its income through the commercial use of the guest house facilities.

4.    The Disability Ministry: We are set to boost the disability ministry we undertake through the “Hidden Children” program through advocacy and outreach programs. We currently work with 165 children at the Kampala School of the handicapped discipling and empowering them through different life skill programs.


We are faced with a number of challenges in these undertaking among which include;

1.    The Budget: our scope of reach and impact has for far been limited by our monthly and annual budgets. The current budget has greatly affect our evangelistic, church planter, children ministry, trainings, outreach and discipleship programs. Our prayer has been and still is for the Lord to enables us receive adequate funding.

2.    Christian Literature: this has still been a great challenge in as far as our ministry programs are concerned. We have and are in constant need of Bibles/ study bibles, Story of Jesus (SOJ) booklets, Manga Messiah booklets, leadership books for the leaders, tracts and booklets for evangelism.

As we conclude this year 2015 and look forward to embrace 2016, we are looking forward to yet another year of partnership with you. Partners like you are the life blood for the mission work here and it’s because of your prayers, support and encouragement that we have had the courage and determination to keep keeping on. May Jesus therefore fill you with blessings and increase you in every area of your life. 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2016

Sincerely yours,

Robert Sebunya



December 2015 Report

Dear Beloved

Festive Greetings in the precious name and Lord Jesus Christ. I pray all is well.

As the entire Mercy Link team, we would like to send our warm Christmas greetings to you, your staff and family. Through this message, we express our most sincere wishes for peace, happiness and prosperity this Christmas. We are so blessed to having together with you done our best in ensuring that the gospel is preached to the utter most parts of the world this year.  We know that the end of the year always brings joy and happiness with Christmas and the New Year both for us and partners and so wanting to join this celebration spirit of the Christmas season, we send you this report concerning our ministry activities for the month of December praying that it will bring you even much greater joy and keep the spirit of Christmas burning in you.


We have been blessed this Season with the opportunity to celebrate Christmas early with the different groups we have been able to visit this Christmas season. Among these include, Children in the juvenile home, prisoners, street children, community children and Boda-boda patients at Mulago referral Hospital in the centre of Kampala the capital city.

Through our children ministry programs, we successfully reached out to 4, 786 children in communities and institutions through three community bible clubs in Eastern and central Uganda at the “Finish well’ Kampala Community church teens camp in southern Uganda, through three community school outreaches central Uganda, and an outreach to a Juvenile home. A total of 2,334 children surrendered their lives to Christ through the Christmas outreach programs. We also trained a total of 51 pastors and children workers in a children ministry vision casting training and witnessed 227 children graduate in one of our key discipleship program in the three districts central and Eastern Uganda. A total of 4,900 children booklets, 40 bibles and 200 tracts were distributed during the outreaches. What an excellent way to end the year. 

In an outreach to Boda-Boda (motocycle riders) patiet outreach to Mulago referral hospital, we reached out to 15 patients/ families donating hampers to and sharing the gospel with 33 people of which 11 people. Through the church planters programs this month, 2 new churches were planted and 27 converts baptised at a Refugee camp in western Uganda. 3 prayer groups were started, 767 people reached with the Gospel and 239 people confessing Christ through the different outreaches done by the church planters. A total of 57 bibles, 1,023 children booklets and tracts were distributed through the outreaches.


 Please continue to pray with us for

  • Pr. Enock Mujjuni and Pr. Joshua Majanga two of our Church planters under the national church planters program whose churches under construction are currently at the roofing stage with need for iron sheets for roofing. Believe God with us for the finances to complete the roofing especially at this time when the rains are so intense.
  • Continue praying with us for the success of the National church planters training scheduled for January 25th to 28th 2016.

As we conclude this year 2015 and look forward to embrace 2016, we are looking forward to yet another year of partnership with you. Partners like you are the life blood for the mission work here and it’s because of your prayers, support and encouragement that we have had the courage and determination to keep keeping on. May Jesus therefore fill you with blessings and increase you in every area of your life. 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2016

Sincerely yours,

Robert Sebunya



November 2015 Report

Dear Beloved,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus, hoping that all is well. It is well back here.

Thank you for your continued support and for the confidence that you have placed in us. I would like to assure you that we do not take this confidence for granted. Through you, God graciously supplies the need resources of the organization. We don’t take this lightly. That’s why we dutifully utilize the availed resources for the intended purpose. As a result, the good Lord always rewards us with fruit that we share with you on monthly basis through the monthly reports to the glory of His name.

It’s in this accord that I bring to you this report concerning the November ministry activities.

In this month of November, we have had the privilege of reaching up to 6,322 people this month through the evangelistic outreach programs. 2,183 of the people reached gave their lives to Christ. Through our church planters programs, at least 7 small groups (cells) were formed with a total of 167 new members joining the small groups in the various districts. 88 people were baptized with a prospect of about 79 others to be baptized in December.

At least 3 school fellowship groups were started in three schools after evangelistic school outreach programs to the schools. Other ministry programs conducted through the month included community evangelistic outreaches, discipleship programs in prisons and through community bible clubs, and training’s.


Christmas time is a season when we reach out and spread the love of Christ to children in the communities. This year, we focusing our attention on children in the community clubs of Bulange in Kampala, Kikalamoja in Jinja, A rehabilitation centre and two slums. The essence of this is to help portray the true meaning of Christmas through different ministry activities. A number of evangelistic programs are to be considered through the outreaches including Christmas parties, the nativity film shows, distribution of tracts and Christian literature and sharing the Christmas story, engage in activities and games related to Christmas like, shading, colouring and drawing.

In some of these impoverished communities, 90% of the children born and raised in these have never had an opportunity to be exposed to life behind their boundaries. The concept of Christmas sounds another story with no experience attached to the story. Our effort to introduce Christ to these community children helps the children understand who exactly Christ is and what he did for our salvation. We believe now is the time to take this further and demonstrate this love in their lives through this love outreach.  Coupled to this, the children have never had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with a family as most of the fathers spend their days in drinking sharks drinking local brew and mothers looking for food.

To successfully undertake this inventiveness, a budget estimate of about 3,670USD will be required we are currently soliciting support for the program. Please pray with us for partners who will stand with us in initiating the program.


Please as you pray for us, remember to specifically pray for;

  • Pastor Fred Mulizi a church planter whose wife is in a critical condition in the hospital
  • Pray for provision for the roofing of Abundant Grace Bible Church and Walugoma Evangelical Church that require iron sheets for roofing in Bugiri and Masaka under Pr. Enoch Mujuni and Pr. Joshua Majanga Respectively.
  • Pray for Jude Mawanda a church planter whose church store gutted fire and had the church drums burn in the fire. Believe God with us for new drums.
  • Let’s also continue to pray for the upcoming church planters Module 3 training in January 2016

As we continue to build a stronger partnership together, we fully recognize that your support and the continued trust that you place in us is the foundation of our success. We are grateful to God for your continued support of the programs. Please do not hesitate to visit check out how you can support these programs by clicking the DONATEbutton on the top of the page. Please help us spread the good news and reach the lost in the communities. 

May the almighty God bless you


Robert Sebunya







October 2015 Report

Dear Partner

It’s with great pleasure that I bring to you yet this report. Greetings once again in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ; I hope the LORD has kept you well and helped you prosper in all your endeavors as He has done with us here.

This month has been exceptional with the Lord blessing us with opportunities in different communities and helping us strengthen the ties we have already established with different communities, friends and partners. I pray this finds you in good health and wealth.


Fifteen children and youth workers were yet again empowered this month through the children ministry leaders refresher training at Christ is the Rock Church Lubowa in Kampala. Many incredible stories of revived and growing children programs were shared in regard to the previous training. Emily a Sunday school teacher testified of how she had been challenged to start a children community club in her community after the previous training which currently has over 150 community children.

 trainees Many of theconfessed of how the refresher training had now inspired them more to go and start new but also revive the ongoing programs. The training is surely causing revival in the church.


1,612 children were reached this month through the school outreach program this month in five schools.  These include Glory Education Centre, Gava Secondary School  Kiboga, Blessed Nursery and primary school, St Mary’s  S. School  Kiboga and Rock of Joy Antioch Primary School. A total of 1,023 received Jesus as their Lord and savior and 90 bibles were distributed.  We also donated school items to the school to help in its daily running of the school activities.

“This act of generosity means a lot not only to us but to the children. Almost all these children have never had such an encounter of receiving a gift not even from their parents. I believe a new wave of opportunity to reach this community has just opened” said Ann Sagala the headmistress after the distribution.


A total of Six Prisons have been reached this month with a total of 3008 inmates reached. 1245 inmates surrendered their lives to Christ. The prisons reached included Masindi Prison, Bugiri Prison, Luwero Prison, Kawuga Prison Mukono, Nakifuma Prison, and Nyenya Prison.

The prison system in Uganda allows for free access to prisons for a state recognized religious group or organization once permission has been granted.  As a result the inmates have had a benefit of accessing and gleaning from a number of life skills, religious and social benefits the programs have brought along. Some of such benefits is spiritual growth attained through fellowship groups and discipleship programs established and bibles/Christian literature distribution campaigns.


Through the community bible club program this month, 138 children were reached and 52 surrendered their lives to Christ from Busaabala Bible Club, this club has endeavoured to reach and empower the children in this community at the shores of late Victoria where promiscuity, poverty and illiteracy are high. 15 bibles were also given to the club to help in the discipleship of the children.  

Communities are quickly becoming like many unreached people groups around the world. Many children don’t know what churches are about since they are not Christians yet.  Many young children are exposed to unstable family situations, inappropriate sexual behavior, violence, sex, drugs etc.

If we want to reach the children in our communities, we need to go where they are and not expect them to come to our churches. We are convinced that children’s bibles clubs are a necessity and paramount in reaching and discipling the children.



Kamuli is located in Kakiri town council approximately 30kms from Kampala city centre.  Its predominantly a Muslim community.

The community has approximately 8 primary school, one girls secondary school, four surviving churches with an average of 45-55 believers in each church in a community of over 800 households.

 “I pastor a church of an average of 50 congregates in a parish of over 3,000 people. Despite of this, i still suffer persecution and have many times opted to leave the community but stayed out of conviction and desire to see the lost saved.” narrates Pr. John who pastors a congregation of about 55 member’s and a nursery and primary school  project in the church building of 69 community children.

As a ministry, we are starting up a number of communities, evangelistic and economic empowerment programs in partnership with the existing churches and individuals.

·      We have established an evangelistic outreach program in this community through school outreaches, distribution of Christian literature, establishment of Community bible programs, film outreaches, and charity/seed project activities.

·         Plans are also underway to establish community Economic empowerment programs for the youth, women and school dropouts in order to empower them to become self-reliant and self-starting alleviating poverty.

·         Community health and life skill programs are also underway to help in basic hygiene, enabling the  control of disease and sickness

·         Leadership training and development programs are also underway to through children and youth ministry trainings, church planters trainings, school of ministry and discipleship/mentorship programs.



Please as you pray for us, remember to specifically pray for

·         The ministry activities in the month of November

·         Pray for this community of Kamuli and for us that we shall see transformation as the gospel gets preached.

·         New ministry opportunities in the communities and prisons


We are grateful for the support and generous contributions towards these programs. You can continue to support these programs by financially or giving in kind by clicking the DONATE  button and using any of the options providedWe pray that he continues to support provide for all your individual, ministry and family needs.


Robert Sebunya




September 2015 Report

Hello Beloved,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus; I pray that all is fine.

I am privileged to bring to you this report for the month of September highlighting a number of activities we undertook through the different ministry activities.


We reached out to five schools in the Kampala city area through the school outreach program. Of the 1,421 pupils reached 573 surrendered their lives to Christ. A total of 1,513 children literature and 23 bibles were distributed during the outreach.


The bible club at Bulange has yet again experienced a tremendous growth this month. A total of 36 new children joined the club with 21 of these surrendering their lives to Christ. Currently over 125 children of different religious backgrounds come for the community Bible club activities at Bulange club from the different slums around this community. 36 of these committed their lives to Christ this month alone after attending the bible club activities. Many more are expected to do so as we continue to reach the community and invite them for the club activities.

Because of the impact of the club in the lives of the children, we have seen children transformed from having no relationship with Christ to become a believer, faithful member of the club, junior leader and finally evangelizing other children. Currently, we have over 18 junior leaders being discipled to lead others in the club and their schools.


We so far distributed up to 1,500 children booklets and 80 New Testament bibles to the children. Today, the New Testament bibles have proved an effective tool in the discipleship of the children at Bulange bible club.

The children are steadily leaning the word of God but most especially opening the bible and distinguishing chapters from verses bearing in mind that most of them come from slum communities where an average family does not own a bible.However, today, an average child at the club can tell how many books are in the bible and at least more than five stories from the new and Old Testament. Thanks to the bibles.


Safari is a children’s facilitator at St Johns Prisons staff chapel under Church of Uganda in Luzira. Located adjacent to Luzira Maximum prison the biggest prison facility in Uganda 7kms from the city center, St Johns Church serves prisoners, prison staff and the community around the prison  congregants including safari.

Two years down the road, Safari has realized her call to reach the children in her community through the establishment of a community Bible club.  This need arises due to the escalating increase of crime in the prisons staff quarters. This has been a trend every term holiday when children are out of school. Many of these children engage in stealing and selling items like shoes, utensils and clothes for their upkeep. As a result, the people in the community dread these term holiday and the most especially children.

“I have never felt the urge to start a club in this community than I have today. This is the time to reach these children and guide them into godliness or we lose them” says the enthusiastic safari as she shares her vision. Through the club, safari hopes to disciple the children in godliness but also train them through life skills and other self-help programs. With our help, this club is set to start next month with one meeting per week every Saturday. 

“We need Gods intervention and not just guns and good security measures to deal with this moral decay” exclaimed Safari as she shared the urgency to start the program. Safari will lead the club with a team from her church under the supervision of her local pastor once established.


Please pray for

  • Samuel Magumba a children’s worker serving in the rural Eastern Uganda who is currently in need of a motor bike to help him with transport in order to access the different communities.
  • Safari and the vision to start a community Bible club in Luzira barracks staff compound.
  • For the church planters and the programs to progress and provision to facilitate them

We are grateful to God for your continued support of the programs. Please do not hesitate to visit our page to see how you can support these programs by clicking the DONATEbutton on the top of the page. Please help us spread the good news and reach the lost in the communities.  

May the almighty God bless you


Robert Sebunya



August 2015 Report

Hello Beloved,

Glad tidings in the mighty name of Jesus; I am privileged to once again reach out and connect with you at this awesome moment when we all look into the year with anticipation eager to engage and embrace the new opportunities opening before us. I am truly excited because such opportunities have not ceased to come our way as the Lord enables us take over new territories.

The Almighty God has enabled us engage and expands our ministry activities to diverse communities of the different regions of Uganda. We pray that in sharing this report, you will like we do be encouraged.


A total of 3,036 students were reached in four schools through the school outreach program this month. These included, Makindye Junior Primary School, Mbarara Secondary School, Lubiri Secondary School, and Old Kampala Secondary School in Central and western Uganda. Approximately 1,401 of the students reached committed their lives to Christ. 250 bibles and over 3,000 booklets were distributed during the outreaches.

We believe Children are not only the future of any nation, they are the leaders and partners of today, therefore they need to be nurtured and assisted to develop into responsible and productive adults who will take over the running of the affairs of the society later.


We have had two major Children’s leaders training this month in the district of Kampala. A total of 39 leaders were trained and equipped with skills on how to connect with children and how to connect them to God from Glory Temple Church and Christ Heart Church Mukono. The skills training included how to lead a child to Christ, how to lead a children’s bible study, storytelling techniques, how to teach a memory verse, who a child and teacher are.

“The notion that children are the church tomorrow is wrong, rather they are the church today. In our sister church located in Juba, the children served as ushers, welcoming the congregation and cleaning the church for the first one year before we ever recruited ushers. This training has challenged me and awaked my understanding on how much we need and must work towards establishing the ministry in our church” said Tom one of the trainees.


We reached a total of Six Prisons in Uganda from Central, Eastern and Western parts of Uganda. These include Murchison Bay Prison, Kitalya Prison, Kasangati Prison, Mbarara Prison, Bugembe Prison, and Maluku Prison. A total of 2,959 inmates were reached through these outreaches and 1,262 inmates surrendered their lives to Christ.


This month through the school and community outreaches, children cells, Leaders trainings and church planters follow-up programs, we distributed a consignment of 3,500 children booklets and 280 New Testament bibles.

Scripture portions have proved an effective way to share the gospel especially in Muslim dominated communities and restricted institutions where the Gospel is hard to be preached. The booklets and tracts have effectively served its purpose in penetrating such communities and breaking ground for the preaching of the Gospel. It has proved an efficient tool in onetime outreaches, school fellowship groups, being used as curriculums, served as children Bibles and stocked in school libraries as a children reading book.


I am Pr. Mike Opio of Arise and Shine church in Masese 2 Kikaramoja Community writing to extend my sincere gratitude for the great impact and change that the children club at KikalamojaJinja has done in transforming this community where I run a church. I on behalf of the church and the community would like to give a vote of thanks for the great work done here among the children and family in Masese 2 Karamajong community in Jinja District.

Ever since this program begun about three years ago, there has been a great revival in the lives of these children thanks to the teachers handling the children in this community, Let me take the opportunity to mention just a few of these.

a.    The children have acquired love to attend church service like never before.

b.    They have started behaving well in the society in accordance to what is taught in the bible lessons.

c.    We have seen spiritual and physical changes in the lives of these children. They are become more and more orderly especially among the older ones.

d.    The pictures and books given to the children have helped them acquire more knowledge about God and creation and many more other things.

Amidst all these great benefits and testimonies, we are however still faced with some challenges among which include the one of shelter. Because of the poor condition of the church building being that it can’t accommodate all the children and is half roofed, meeting and ministering to these children becomes hard in times of harsh weather conditions like the rains now. It’s for needs like this that we believe God for open doors that can meet these needs so that we can effectively reach out to even more of these children through this wonderful program and course.

May the good Lord mightily bless you for the work and effort you have displayed toward this cause.


Please as you pray for us, remember to specifically pray for

  • Our ministry activities in the month of September
  • Revival among our different partners in the communities
  • For the discipleship programs in communities, schools and prisons
  • New ministry opportunities in the communities and prisons

We are grateful for the awesome and great things the Lord is doing in our midst and all this is possible because of you prayers and support that has enabled us to reach and touch these communities. We can’t explain how much this means to us but one thing we know for sure is that the Good Lord is surely proud of you. We pray that even as he has been good to us through you, his goodness will never cease to manifest in your life as it has been in ours.

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May the almighty God bless you abundantly

Sincerely yours,



July 2015 Report

Hello Beloved Partner,

It’s with great pleasure that I write to you once again. Greetings in the Mighty name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ; we believe his grace has been sufficient in all areas of your lives as it has been with us here at Mercy Link. 

We would with great delight like to present to you the ministry report for July 2015 and we hope this will find you in great health and wealth.


Leaders Trainings

Through our children’s ministry training program this month, we had the opportunity to train 24 children workers at Day Star Primary School. These comprised of 13 Teachers and 11 student leaders of the school. The major key areas of emphasis included how to preach the Gospel to a child, how to start and lead a cell group, how to teach a bible lesson and how to do follow-up. We established cell groups as a means to disciple the new converts and also improvised discipleship materials to be used in the prayer groups.

Skills Training Program

In our skills training program this month, we trained a total of 23 teachers and women from the Kikalamoja community in a mushroom growing program. This training aimed at empowering the trainees with skills to start a self-sustainability project to help in their economic and social welfare with a hand on training in mushroom growing as a startup project.


We had the privilege of reaching a total of prisons this month. These included Kasangati Prison, Mpigi Prison and Masaka Prison. A total of 1,135 inmates were reached during the outreaches with 515 inmates surrendering their lives to Christ.


We reached out to a total of five schools this month; these included four primary schools and one secondary school in the Central and Eastern parts of Uganda in the districts of Kampala, Jinja, Iganga and Kamuli. A total of 2,232 children were reached through the outreaches with 875 children committing their lives to Christ. A consignments of 220 NT bibles and 3,000 booklets and tracts were distributed during the program


In out film ministry outreach this month, we reached out to Kiwatule community slum located approximately 7kms from Kampala City centre. Of the people 234 reached, 91 gave their lives to Christ.  


This month’s community bible club outreaches have been to Kikalamoja bible club in Jinja District. We shared the gospel with 532 children from the community.  A total 171 children surrendered their lives to Christ during this outreach.


Samantha is a fifteen year old member of Bulange community. Through the five years of her active participation in the club activities, Samantha has grown to become a fully disciple member of the club who not only leads some of the club activities but also holds leadership roles in her school and church. A good disciple, she has also taken up roles in dicipling others.

This month, through her influence we had the opportunity to engage in an school outreach to her school. As a leader she actively lead the students in prayer but also the praise and worship sessions which paved way for the gospel to be preached which resulted into 36 students giving their lives to Christ including Aisha her classmate.

Miriam (not real name) a student  from a polygamous Muslim background with a large number of sisters and brothers. Because of the nature of her family, she confesses that her family is quite dysfunctional. This has to some extent driven her in pursuit for a better life and meaning of life. In her pursuit, she sought Allah for answers and engaged in different religious ceremonies with fasting being one of these. In the month of Ramadan, like any other committed Muslim, she faithfully engaged in fasting and observing all the rules and regulations thereof.

During our outreach to her school, Miriam happened to be one of the 360 students to hear the gospel. While kneeling on the front row, she had the opportunity to hear the good news and respond to the call for salvation through Jesus Christ. She raised her hand in response to the call and confessed Christ as Lord and savior. After her encounter, she could not hide her excitement and openly approached one of our facilitators to know more about her new found faith.

Like all the new converts, she received her own bible and is to be followed up through the fellowship group at the school and the monthly outreach programs we are undertake at the school.

Please as you pray for us, pray specifically for

·         New inlets in the different communities

·         For the discipleship programs in communities, schools and prisons,

·         For Good health and genuine partners in communities.

We thank you for the great work and service you offer to us and the nations. We particularly thank you and the team for the financial increment this month for the ministry programs. We are always believing and praying that the Lord will keep you well and blessed.

Remember to support one or more of our programs this month when you visit the donate page by clicking the DONATE button at the top of this page to see how and where you can send your financial support.

May the almighty God bless you abundantly

Sincerely yours,





June 2015 Report

Hello Beloved Partner,

Greetings, I pray all is well;

Allow me bring to you a brief report about our ministry activities this month from the areas of School programs, community outreaches, church planters programs, trainings, prisons, and scripture placement programs in ten districts.


We trained a total of 46 potential church planters comprised of lay readers, ordinary believers and mission’s pastors in Amuria District, Eastern Uganda. 85 children’s workers and 20 Master Trainers were also trained through the children’s ministry trainings.

Through the church planters program this month, 1,504 people were reached, 20 Small groups formed, 561 commitments to Christ, 38 Baptisms, 125 New church members joined the churches, 41 Bible Study Groups formed and 5 Churches Planted this month through these programs.


Of the 10 schools reached in three districts this month, 3,335 children heard the gospel with 1,649 surrendering their lives to Christ in Kampala, Kamuli and Amuria Districts.

We also reached a total of 180 children through the community clubs through the gift box distribution program. 67 new converts were recorded during the program.


A total of 4,518 inmates from six prisons were reached this month through the open air evangelism, Bible, tracts and booklet distribution programs. 2,277 inmates surrendered their lives to Jesus during the evangelistic outreaches.

A total of 900 NT Bibles, 4,800 tracts, 2,600 booklets for the youth and humanitarian items in form of sugar, foodstuffs, nets and soap were distributed.


Meet Pr. Samuel Magumba one of our partners from Iganga District, Eastern Uganda. Pr. Samuel serves as children’s worker but also a church planter in our church planters program. He runs children’s ministry programs in the rural communities of his district reaching out to schools, partnering with churches, training leaders, and different other children related programs including advocacy.

This month, we invited Samuel to attend two of our children workers trainings. These trainings aimed at helping the trainees design programs for their children ministries with a goal of developing a focused program that honors God, creating a viable plan for training pastors, church planters and children’s ministry workers in launching and sustaining children’s ministries throughout their communities and also the basics of forming a team of trained volunteers to run the children’s ministry. We also introduced the trainees to a hands-on “king of creation, King of my heart” curriculum. Having attained the various skills through the training, Magumba vowed to implement what he had learnt upon his return.

Barely three weeks after the training, Pr. Samuel, sent us this report.

 “Hi, praise God, Thank God for the training. Since then I realized how special the children are in the kingdom of God. This material brings the salvation to the children in real truth. It made me realize that most of our children in the Sunday school had not confessed Jesus Christ. It also led to the children’s teachers to discover how fit they are for children ministry demonstrating real commitment to God for both teachers and children.

Because of all that here are my plans; Am going to organize a roll out trainings for all children teachers and pastors in our Sub-county churches and children ministries, Reach out schools with the material, organize a one day gathering for children who have accepted Jesus Christ for activities like drama, music, games and testimonies.

On Friday we used the material at Bunalwenyi Church of God Primary School and 243 gave life to Christ. Hallelujah”

Like Samuel, many ministries, churches, organizations and individuals have been beneficiaries of our programs thanks to your generous support and prayers. Please continue to pray with us for

  • Pray for the up coming National church planters training Scheduled for 27th -30th July 2015 in Kampala.
  • Also pray for the replication of these programs in the communities through the children’s workers and church planters but also new genuine partners in communities.

Remember to support one or more of our programs this month when you visit the donate page by clicking the DONATE button at the top of this page to see how and where you can send your financial support.

We are truly grateful for your continued and look forward to partner with you in reaching the communities with a goal to raise leaders, transform communities and create a legacy of peace.   

May the almighty God bless you abundantly

Sincerely yours,