September 2015 Report

Hello Beloved,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus; I pray that all is fine.

I am privileged to bring to you this report for the month of September highlighting a number of activities we undertook through the different ministry activities.


We reached out to five schools in the Kampala city area through the school outreach program. Of the 1,421 pupils reached 573 surrendered their lives to Christ. A total of 1,513 children literature and 23 bibles were distributed during the outreach.


The bible club at Bulange has yet again experienced a tremendous growth this month. A total of 36 new children joined the club with 21 of these surrendering their lives to Christ. Currently over 125 children of different religious backgrounds come for the community Bible club activities at Bulange club from the different slums around this community. 36 of these committed their lives to Christ this month alone after attending the bible club activities. Many more are expected to do so as we continue to reach the community and invite them for the club activities.

Because of the impact of the club in the lives of the children, we have seen children transformed from having no relationship with Christ to become a believer, faithful member of the club, junior leader and finally evangelizing other children. Currently, we have over 18 junior leaders being discipled to lead others in the club and their schools.


We so far distributed up to 1,500 children booklets and 80 New Testament bibles to the children. Today, the New Testament bibles have proved an effective tool in the discipleship of the children at Bulange bible club.

The children are steadily leaning the word of God but most especially opening the bible and distinguishing chapters from verses bearing in mind that most of them come from slum communities where an average family does not own a bible.However, today, an average child at the club can tell how many books are in the bible and at least more than five stories from the new and Old Testament. Thanks to the bibles.


Safari is a children’s facilitator at St Johns Prisons staff chapel under Church of Uganda in Luzira. Located adjacent to Luzira Maximum prison the biggest prison facility in Uganda 7kms from the city center, St Johns Church serves prisoners, prison staff and the community around the prison  congregants including safari.

Two years down the road, Safari has realized her call to reach the children in her community through the establishment of a community Bible club.  This need arises due to the escalating increase of crime in the prisons staff quarters. This has been a trend every term holiday when children are out of school. Many of these children engage in stealing and selling items like shoes, utensils and clothes for their upkeep. As a result, the people in the community dread these term holiday and the most especially children.

“I have never felt the urge to start a club in this community than I have today. This is the time to reach these children and guide them into godliness or we lose them” says the enthusiastic safari as she shares her vision. Through the club, safari hopes to disciple the children in godliness but also train them through life skills and other self-help programs. With our help, this club is set to start next month with one meeting per week every Saturday. 

“We need Gods intervention and not just guns and good security measures to deal with this moral decay” exclaimed Safari as she shared the urgency to start the program. Safari will lead the club with a team from her church under the supervision of her local pastor once established.


Please pray for

  • Samuel Magumba a children’s worker serving in the rural Eastern Uganda who is currently in need of a motor bike to help him with transport in order to access the different communities.
  • Safari and the vision to start a community Bible club in Luzira barracks staff compound.
  • For the church planters and the programs to progress and provision to facilitate them

We are grateful to God for your continued support of the programs. Please do not hesitate to visit our page to see how you can support these programs by clicking the DONATEbutton on the top of the page. Please help us spread the good news and reach the lost in the communities.  

May the almighty God bless you


Robert Sebunya