About Mercy Link Foundation Africa

Mercy Link Foundation Africa is a missional organization seeking to equip and empower the Church in Africa to affect the un-reached communities through effective and relevant propagation of holistic Gospel. The organization was established in 2007 with a community bible club at Bulange Mengo and later registered in 2013 as a local NGO. Our scope of operation currently covers the Central, Northern, Western, Southern and Eastern parts of Uganda with activities running in over 70 districts of Uganda with prospects of extending to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania.

Mercy Link’s Vision is to Develop leaders, transform communities and create a legacy of peace through equipping the church in Africa for relevance, responsibility and sustainability.

Mercy Link’s Mission is: To develop programs that will empower people physically, emotionally, socially, and economically with a goal to draw them to Christ who meets their spiritual needs.

Mercy Link’s Goal. Facilitate the most cost-effective educational and training programs among church and community leadership, imparting in them key biblical values in regard to Missions, Organizational Leadership and Business development and also creating platform for networking and sustainable resource development among local churches, grassroots Mission and Development players. We do this through empowerment, capacity building and providing necessary knowledge for relevance, responsibility and sustainability by liaising with local Christian groups in order to carry out evangelistic missions, preaching and teaching in various forms, social interactions and outreaches aimed at bringing communities to the full knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Key Ministries

We liaise with local churches, Grass root organizations, schools, Christian groups and prisons in order to carry out evangelistic missions, preaching and teaching in various forms, social interactions and outreaches aimed at bringing communities to the full knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ

The Community Bible Hubs and Small groups (Cells) are one of Mercy Link ‘s major community projects. The hubs adopt their name from the fact that they are set within communities to operate in and serve that given community. The church operates in three distinct yet unified entities namely:

  • Children Community Bible Hubs
  • Youth Community Bible Hubs
  • Adult Community/ Prison Fellowships

 Some of the Key ministry activities we undertake as an organization include


  • The church Planter trainings
  • Children’s and youth Ministry Trainings


  • School outreaches
  • Community outreaches
  • Prison outreaches
  • Home visits
  • BodaBoda’s For Christ (Outreach to BodaBoda Riders)
  • People with Disabilities

 Scripture Placement and Evangelism;

  • We also provide ministry materials to all our partners among which include; Tracts, Curriculums, Books, Visuals, And other ministry materials available, Tactile toys, Bibles and discipleship scripture portions.
  • Film Ministry

Mercy Link’s Core Values:

  1. God- Fearing: We recognize God as our source and are fully dependent on Him. our goal is to bring glory to his name and reflect his love and grace to the people.
  2. Teamwork: Providing support to one another, working co-operatively, respecting one another’s views, and making our work environment fun and enjoyable.
  3. Excellence: Always doing what we say we will and striving for excellence and quality in all we do.
  4. Partnering: We believe we are a part of the world-wide body of Christ and support great and diverse works of God by partnering with different organizations, churches, individuals and other agencies by providing confidential services committing to support each partner by coming alongside them in friendship to see the possibilities and opportunities God has for them and their ministry.
  5. Compassion: Provide loving concern for people in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. We encourage our partners by addressing their practical, emotional and spiritual needs with honesty, empathy and unconditional love.
  6. Integrity: We are individuals who uphold the standards of honesty and trust. We are accountable to manage financial and material resources in a wise and productive manner with personal conduct that honors God, earning us a name worthy of trust by partners and community alike.