The Children’s Ministry Program

The goal of the Children’s ministry program is to nurture children for Personal relationship with God, Grow with healthy character, Advance the kingdom through outreach. Since 2016, over 1200 children workers have been trained through the program, over 40 Children’s empowerment programs established with 2,562 children discipled weekly through the community programs.

Children Ministry training curriculum “Raising Hope” was developed in Uganda by a team of pastors as part of the response to the crisis that began in South Sudan in December 2013.

The curriculum consists of 3 modules;

  1. CONNECTED (Our personal relationship with God)
  2. PERFECTED (Pursuing Godly character), 
  3. DIRECTED (Advancing the Kingdom God’s way).

Today the program is being introduced to different regions in Africa, refugee camps, churches and schools after consultation with church leaders and a vision casting seminar.

Structure of The Program:

The program currently runs The program is introduced to a region, refugee camps, or schools after consultation with church leaders and a vision casting training.

A lead church will then host a training event for selected Children’s Ministry workers from the evangelical denominations in the area. The training is conducted by qualified Mercy Link Foundation staff with knowledge on how to create child friendly Children’s Ministry programs.

Out of the trained Children’s Ministry workers, two more national trainers have now been identified to provide training when needed.

After the training is given, the Children’s Ministry workers in most cases begin a new Children Ministry program in their church, or begin Children Clubs. In other cases, existing Children’s Ministry programs are strengthened.

Children ministry goal is to nurture children for

  • Personal relationship with God
  • Grow with healthy character
  • Advance the kingdom through outreach


  1. Establish children clubs across Uganda
  2. Partnership with local churches and schools to nurture children for personal relationship with God and healthy character
  3. Source children scripture materials and Bibles
  4. Produce training materials that will be used by Children’s Ministry Teachers manual and participants work book
  5. Train Master Trainers an approach aimed at multiplying the program.