Education Fund


Mercy link has continuously supported the education of children through its education programs. These include the life skill programs, girl child education program, the community library program and its advocacy work through the Education Fund.

We believe Children are the future of any nation, they are the leaders of tomorrow and partners of today, therefore they need to be nurtured and assisted to develop into responsible and productive adults who will take over the running of the affairs of the society later. As children, they are physically, mentally and emotionally immature and therefore require special safe guards and care in order to enable them develop a full and balanced personality. Such requirements make the child quite unique to the point that the normal rights guaranteed to adults are not specific enough to cater for the needs of the children.

This project aims at giving children opportunities to attain the highest level of educational pursuits in their lives without financial constraints. The project works towards obtaining scholarships, financial and scholastic support to children in Nursery Primary and secondary schools.

The goals of this project is,

  • To enhance transition from primary to secondary education among children in local communities in the different communities in Uganda.
  • To increase girls’ enrollment, retention and completion of secondary education in Eastern Uganda.
  • To advocate for interest of community members in girl child education
  • To build the confidence of children and empower them to be responsible members of society and have a focus on pursuing education.
  • To discourage and work towards reduction of the early school drop out cases..
  • To expand access to secondary education for underserved children. (These include the physically handicapped, teen mothers, and child sex workers.

Today we have a number of children dropping out of school because they lack school fees. A number of these are primary School graduates from last year’s batch who have passes to join high school and vocational school; 70% of who are girls.

This fund also covers the physically challenged children.

ASIYA Before Joining the Program

Through this fund, Asia a physically handicapped girl who was rejected by her father because of her physical ailment and staying home because of her mother’s inability to pay her school fees has been enrolled to Kampala School of the Handicapped with her fees being catered for.

ASIYA with a friend at School

You can support a child and be a transformation agent in their lives. Do this at a cost of

Primary School         High School              Tertiary Institution

20$ Monthly                30$ Monthly                 40$ Monthly
60$ Per Term              90$ Per Term             120$ Per Semester
180$ Annually             270$ Annually             360$ Annually

Or by giving a one time donation or support