Prison Ministry

One other Major area of our operation is the prisons in Uganda. God has granted us full leverage and access to all prisons in Uganda. This has so far given us access to over 12,000 prisoners in different districts since the year begun and over 5,130 committing and rededicating their lives to Christ.

Across the globe, prison systems are a male-dominated area of society and Uganda is no exception to this. In fact in Uganda, The prisons have a total of about 30,312 inmates

Women make up only five percent of the inmates in Uganda prisons. 1,280 inmates of the 30,312 inmates held in Uganda prisons are women. 28 of the female inmates are on death row, 468 are convicts while another 812 are on remand.

Children in women’s prisons in Uganda make up about 10 per cent of the population. Added to the number of imprisoned juveniles under the age of 18, the reality is that children make up closer to 20 per cent of the prison population in this region.

Over 161 innocent children are languishing in Uganda Prisons because of crimes committed by their mothers.

This therefore posses as a huge opportunity to reach the lost in these institutions yet untapped. Most of the inmates about 70% are youths below the age of 40 meaning if not well rehabilitated, still have much potential to come out and cause much more havoc in the communities where they come from. This therefore calls for an establishment of a preventive measure to cub the problem before it happens. This has been our goal even as we reach out to these prisons.

We have effectively done this through the establishment of Prison churches in the prisons and establishment of discipleship programs in these prisons. To date such programs run in six prisons of Lizira Remand and women Prison, Murchison Bay Prison, Kauga Prison, Kigo Prison Men and women Prison, Jinja Kirinya women and Main Prison, Kasangati Prison, Kitala Prison and now expanding to different prisons in different communities.

This strategy also encompasses prison warders from whom potential church planters are identified and commissioned to over see the prison churches.