July 2015 Report

Hello Beloved Partner,

It’s with great pleasure that I write to you once again. Greetings in the Mighty name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ; we believe his grace has been sufficient in all areas of your lives as it has been with us here at Mercy Link. 

We would with great delight like to present to you the ministry report for July 2015 and we hope this will find you in great health and wealth.


Leaders Trainings

Through our children’s ministry training program this month, we had the opportunity to train 24 children workers at Day Star Primary School. These comprised of 13 Teachers and 11 student leaders of the school. The major key areas of emphasis included how to preach the Gospel to a child, how to start and lead a cell group, how to teach a bible lesson and how to do follow-up. We established cell groups as a means to disciple the new converts and also improvised discipleship materials to be used in the prayer groups.

Skills Training Program

In our skills training program this month, we trained a total of 23 teachers and women from the Kikalamoja community in a mushroom growing program. This training aimed at empowering the trainees with skills to start a self-sustainability project to help in their economic and social welfare with a hand on training in mushroom growing as a startup project.


We had the privilege of reaching a total of prisons this month. These included Kasangati Prison, Mpigi Prison and Masaka Prison. A total of 1,135 inmates were reached during the outreaches with 515 inmates surrendering their lives to Christ.


We reached out to a total of five schools this month; these included four primary schools and one secondary school in the Central and Eastern parts of Uganda in the districts of Kampala, Jinja, Iganga and Kamuli. A total of 2,232 children were reached through the outreaches with 875 children committing their lives to Christ. A consignments of 220 NT bibles and 3,000 booklets and tracts were distributed during the program


In out film ministry outreach this month, we reached out to Kiwatule community slum located approximately 7kms from Kampala City centre. Of the people 234 reached, 91 gave their lives to Christ.  


This month’s community bible club outreaches have been to Kikalamoja bible club in Jinja District. We shared the gospel with 532 children from the community.  A total 171 children surrendered their lives to Christ during this outreach.


Samantha is a fifteen year old member of Bulange community. Through the five years of her active participation in the club activities, Samantha has grown to become a fully disciple member of the club who not only leads some of the club activities but also holds leadership roles in her school and church. A good disciple, she has also taken up roles in dicipling others.

This month, through her influence we had the opportunity to engage in an school outreach to her school. As a leader she actively lead the students in prayer but also the praise and worship sessions which paved way for the gospel to be preached which resulted into 36 students giving their lives to Christ including Aisha her classmate.

Miriam (not real name) a student  from a polygamous Muslim background with a large number of sisters and brothers. Because of the nature of her family, she confesses that her family is quite dysfunctional. This has to some extent driven her in pursuit for a better life and meaning of life. In her pursuit, she sought Allah for answers and engaged in different religious ceremonies with fasting being one of these. In the month of Ramadan, like any other committed Muslim, she faithfully engaged in fasting and observing all the rules and regulations thereof.

During our outreach to her school, Miriam happened to be one of the 360 students to hear the gospel. While kneeling on the front row, she had the opportunity to hear the good news and respond to the call for salvation through Jesus Christ. She raised her hand in response to the call and confessed Christ as Lord and savior. After her encounter, she could not hide her excitement and openly approached one of our facilitators to know more about her new found faith.

Like all the new converts, she received her own bible and is to be followed up through the fellowship group at the school and the monthly outreach programs we are undertake at the school.

Please as you pray for us, pray specifically for

·         New inlets in the different communities

·         For the discipleship programs in communities, schools and prisons,

·         For Good health and genuine partners in communities.

We thank you for the great work and service you offer to us and the nations. We particularly thank you and the team for the financial increment this month for the ministry programs. We are always believing and praying that the Lord will keep you well and blessed.

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May the almighty God bless you abundantly

Sincerely yours,