February 2016 Report

Hello Beloved,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus, I pray that all is well.

This Month of February, we set out and launched the church planter program in South-Western Uganda. This is a new opening for the church planters training program which also happens to be an avenue through which we are to introduce and establish some of our other programs including the children and youth ministry programs, prison ministry, film ministry, economic empowerment programs with a focus to evangelise and disciple the masses. A total of 20 potential church planters from five of the ten districts along the DR Congo-Uganda Boarder attended the training among whom were pastors from four of the six huge refugee camps in the region with a total population of over 200,000 refugees. 

The Church planters program is a five module training programs designed to equip ordinary believers with practical skills on the dynamics of church planting and commissioned to go forth and plant churches. The overall vision of the church planters program is to produce “A LIVING CHURCH IN EVERY COMMUNITY, PLANTED BY ORDINARY BELIEVERS EQUIPPED WITH PRACTICAL SKILLS AND TOOLS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY ENCOURAGED TO WORK TOGETHER”.


Through the church planters program in 17 districts across the country, this month, a total of 1,022 people were reached with the Gospel through door to door evangelism, church programs and open air crusades. A total of 267 people surrendered their lives to Christ during the evangelistic outreach programs with 103 absorbed in the churches and prayer groups. A total of 73 new people joined the prayer groups and 23 new members baptised through the programs.

We trained 27 children and youth ministry leaders in the district of Kampala through our leaders training program equipping the trainees with skills regarding the basic principles on starting a children ministry, principles of programing with children, relating and meting the basic needs of children. The three module children ministry focuses on equipping the leaders with skills for effectiveness and relevance as they minister to children and youth.

A total of 1,877 children were reached through the community bible club programs with 127 children surrendering their lives to Christ. A total of 57 children graduated from our ongoing children ministry discipleship program.

We had the opportunity to reach Owinyi community in Mbale district Eastern Uganda, Bulisa district community in south western Uganda through different evangelistic programs through which we distributed 5,980 tracts and 2,600 children booklets. A total of 37 adults including 4 Muslims and 122 children surrendered their lives to Christ during the program.


As you pray with us, please stand with us in prayer for

  • The national children ministry module two training slated for 12th March 2016. This training is set to attract leaders from 25 districts of our operation to be equipped with skills concerning helping children Pursue Godly Character through Love, Humility, Receiving Truth, Repentance, Mercy and Forgiveness , Embracing Discipleship, Dying to Self, Servant hood, Child-likeness, Emotional Stability and Wholeness, Healthy Relationships, and Taking Responsibility
  • Pray also for the peace of Uganda especially at this time of transition where the masses seem disgruntled and threatening to engage in violent activities. Pray that the whole process will take a peaceful course.
  •  Pray for our monthly ministry budget. Our current budget is not adequate enough to help us explore our set goals for this year especially the evangelistic and discipleship programs. This challenge comes with the new doors opening in communities and refugee camps across the country.
  •  Continue to also pray for our church planter at Namuganza (Pr. Joshua) who is soliciting for funds for the roofing of the church structure. Pray also for the renovation of the staff chapel at Kitalya prison where 300 prison staff meet every week for prayers shelled in 1970’s but now in a terrible state.
  • Pray for Day Star primary school a school located in eastern Uganda that we adopted and partner with in reaching children in the Kikalamoja community. Kikalamoja is a slum community adjacent to the school from which over 70% of the schools population dwells. Characterised by poverty, illiteracy and drunkenness, almost most of the school going children from the community dwell on one meal per day provided by the school. The school is currently undergoing financially challenges with a likeness to fail to honour its commitment to educate and empower the children in this community this year. Please follow this link for more details on the school
  •  Last but not least pray for the new openings in south western Uganda. Pray that God will connect us with genuine partners and individuals/churches and for the successful establishment of our ministry programs.

On behalf of myself, the entire team and beneficiaries of our ministry programs, we wish to express our heart filled appreciation and gratitude for your generous support towards the ministry programs in Uganda. Your incredible support has made a positive difference in the lives of people and communities throughout the country. It’s because of your willingness to stand with us that we are determined to endeavour to improve the well-being and holistically effect individuals and communities I the areas the Lord leads us.  Thanks can’t convey how truly grateful we are. Our prayer is that the almighty will continue to prosper you in all your endeavours. Please do not hesitate to visit check out how you can support these programs by clicking the DONATEbutton on the top of the page.

Please help us spread the good news and reach the lost in the communities. 

May the almighty God Bless you.

Yours I service