September 2019 Report

Hello Beloved partner,

It’s with great pleasure that I write to you once again. Greetings in the Mighty name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ; I believe his grace has been sufficient in all areas of your lives as it has been with us here at Mercy Link.   

We would with great delight like to present to you the ministry report for September 2019 and we hope this will find you in great health and wealth.


This month through the Church planter and Children’s ministry training program, we collected a number of testimonies and progress report from our district coordinators in regard to the programs in their communities. Below is a summary of the reports

  • ·         4,113 Adults and 3211 children were reached with the gospel this month
  • ·         1,080 adult salvation’s recorded and 1,988 children surrendered their lives to Christ
  • ·         6 children’s community bible clubs were started
  • ·         322 children joining the new clubs
  • ·         322 children’s raising hope booklets distributed
  • ·         450 New Testament bibles distributed.
  • ·         213 baptisms
  • ·         4 small groups started
  • ·         113 new members joining the church and prayer groups.
  • ·         A total of 3 churches were planted.

One of the objectives in the church planter program is to create forums and develop networks to educate and sensitive national and grassroots Church leadership, planters and the Body of believers the role of Church and its full mandate in frontline Missions, and to see to engage every believer to respond to the Great Commission. The real task of Church Planters and Church Planting is to internalize the Vision, get gifted leaders around the vision to run with it; and keep the flame burning.


Pr. Emmanuel Mulawa is an alumni of the Church Planters program in Uganda. He was among the first 23 potential church planters recruited at the launch of the church planter program in 2014. In this pursuit to see this vision fulfilled, Pr. Emma at the end of September sent us a praise report of a new church plant with a membership of 31 people. DIVINE LOVE CHURCH BUTASWA the new church plant is found in 79kms from Luuka in Buyende district. The church plant happened after e series of door to door evangelism and film outreach ministry. Just a month earlier another was planted in Buyoga in Luuka district with 49 people. The manifestation of this work is attracting the attention of the church leaders in the district offering up their potential church planters for mentorship. Three potential church planters are set up for an on job church planter training in Buyende next month.

‘’The need to plant churches in our rural communities is enormous. There was a time when one Pentecostal church existed in my entire parish of more than 800 households. Transformation was not hoped for since there was no church to effect it in the lives of the people and the community. But having attended the church planters training, I became an agent of change in this community and surrounding district replicating what I had got in different potential church planters and leaders in my community. Today, churches are starting to be planted and there is hope fo4 community transformation” says pr. Emmanuel Mulawa a church planter from Luuka District 129kms from Kampala city.


Please as you pray for us, remember to specifically pray for

  • Pray for our entire church planter team that as they engage in the different church planter programs and their communities.
  • For the discipleship programs in communities, schools and refugee camps across Uganda
  • New ministry opportunities in the communities and prisons

On behalf of myself, the entire team and beneficiaries of our ministry programs, we wish to express our heart filled appreciation and gratitude for your generous support towards the ministry programs in Uganda. Your incredible support has made a positive difference in the lives of people and communities throughout the country. Thanks can’t convey how truly grateful we are. Our prayer is that the almighty will continue to prosper you in all your endeavours.

May the almighty God Bless you.

Yours in service


Director Mercy Link