August 2019 Report

Greetings beloved partner,

Glad tidings to you our co-worker in ministry, thanks for the great work that has seen the expansion of God’s Kingdom in the Nations. The Lord has increasingly blessed us and expanded our territories as we continue to reach new communities and share the good news. 

It’s therefore with great pleasure that I bring to you this report. In this accord allow us bring you our month report for the month of August 2019. 


This month through the church planters program saw at least 2,117 people reached and 811 salvations recorded. 326 of the new converts and formerly new believers were baptized. 4 churches planted. 

Through the children’s ministry programs, 3,651 children were reached with the gospel through the evangelistic outreach programs with 1,188 salvation recorded. 356 of the new converts joined the bible clubs with the rest yet to be followed up.


“I have been to bible school and graduated. I can boldly state that all that I learnt in the church planters training was what I knew but one fact remains, I didn’t receive it in as a practical way that I did at the church planter program.” testifies Stephen.

Stephen is the chairman of the pastor’s fellowship in Amuria. He is part of the team that approved the establishment of the church planters program in Amuria after attending our vision casting training for the church leaders in Amuria.  Besides approving the training program, he attended all the training programs and always encouraged the pastors to study and implement what they had learnt through the training. He was also actively involved in the training program as a translator for those who didn’t understand English. 

“I chose to attend the training programs because I wanted to be an inspiration to the pastors. Most of them have not had the opportunity to go to a bible school and this was a very great opportunity for them to learn some of these skills taught in the bible school. However, the key reason why I attend the rest of the trainings was because of how the first module training affected my life. I had learnt about evangelism. Putting the skills in practice had become a challenge. This training activated something in me that had been lost and I could not resist coming back for the remaining trainings.” He says.

Stephen not only attended and completed the training program but went on to enroll for the master trainers program and has taken on the initiative to implement what he has learnt through the module trainings in his church.  He has taken the lead in inspiring his followers on the pastor’s fellowship in establishing what had been passed on through the church planters program. 


As you pray for us, Please stand with us for the following Prayer requests

  1. Commit the programs for the next quarter unto the Lord (Trainings, outreaches, etc)
  2. Lift our Church planters unto the Lord remembering Pr. Fred Mulinzi and Pr. Kasaga Agnes two of our Church planters who are seeking for land to relocate their churches. 
  3. Lift individual employees, volunteers and unto the LORD. 
  4. Pray also for Day Star primary school and for the program activities at the school. Pray specifically for the financial support and new enrollment
  5. Pray for the new openings in Congo, Burundi and Tanzania. Pray that God will connect us with genuine partners and individuals/churches and for the successful establishment of our ministry programs.

We thank you for your continued support and faith in what we do to the glory and expansion of the kingdom of God. We are excited about the next quarter and look forward to great achievements should the Lord tarry.

May the almighty god bless you.