November 2020 Report

Hello beloved,

Calvary greetings. We hope the good Lord has kept you well through this last quarter of the year. We are so grateful for how far he has brought us and the great things he has helped us accomplish through the trying times courtesy of faithful partners like you. We are truly grateful.

The month of November has been a great month for us characterized with trainings, ministry outreaches, launching of new programs inspired by challenges brought by the pandemic, baptisms ad new church plants.


“One great lesson this training has taught me especially in this fourth module is that my leadership role is not only limited to my church plant but also in my dealings with the church plants round my community. This has helped me understand the value of seeing the church as a unified body and not just as separate entities serving one God. Helping church planters and pastors have this mindset would be an effectual door way to unity among the churches something I am going to work on as I grow the church” said Muhanguzi Thomas a church planter from Mbarara.

This month, a total of 90 church planters were trained through three church planter’s trainings conducted in the districts of Bwera, Mbarara and Luwero. The three trainings were focused on leadership development under the fourth module church planters program. The topics covered under this module therefore include Spiritual gifts, Self-control, how to invite leaders, How to identify leaders, Qualities of leaders, How to delegate, Secession plan, Mentoring, Self-Control, Servant hood, Integrity, Character and Family and personal life (Timothy 3).

As the church planters were commissioned to go forth and implement the different lessons learned, they were encouraged to go and lay a firm foundation based on righteousness and cautioned to act with integrity especially in the three areas of their lives as church planters, their dealings with other churches and last but not least their relationship to the church plant.


A total of 3 new church plants were recorded this month in the districts of Gulu, Luuka and Bugiri through our coordinators in the districts. 133 believers were baptized. A total of 3,453 people were reached with the gospel with 1,521 salvations recorded. 213 bibles were distributed through the outreaches.

The children’s ministry program recorded 1,322 salvations from 3,112 children reached win the communities. 2,100 children’s booklets were distributed with 4 community bible clubs formed in the communities. A total of 43 parents were commissioned to start community bible clubs in their localities as a measure to reach and disciple the unchurches community children. 


Our prayer requests this month areas follows

1.      Continue to pray for our church and children’s workers in the communities across the country. Pray for courage and provision as they labor through the trying times.
2.      Pray for the new programs in the communities established especially by the trained master trainers and alumni of the programs. The trainings are mostly self-sustainable and require a lot of patience and hard work. 
3.      Thirdly pray for peace and stability in the country through this election period. There have been massive killings of over 60 people from live bullets and arrests in the last two weeks.

We are grateful once again for this opportunity to serve in and with you and your generous contributions towards the activities of the ministry. You enable us build and help bring transformation in the communities and lives of individuals. May the Good Lord bless and increase you

Yours in Service

Robert Sebunya – Team Leader