December 2020 Report

Greetings beloved,

Calvary greetings in the mighty name of Jesus. I pray all is well and that the good Lord has kept you all joyful through the Holiday season. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021. All has been great back here and the good Lord has kept us in perfect peace and health through the holiday season.


African countries including Uganda reported the first cases of COVID-19 early march and the numbers have kept on increasing. The government set a number of measures including curfews, a temporary lockdown covering the closure of business entities, churches, schools and abolishing of gatherings of more than 5 people. Despite of all this, the lockdown didn’t totally hinder us from reaching out to our lovely champions in the communities especially the pastors, church planters and children’s workers whose ministries had been disrupted by the virus and measures taken to curb it. Through encouragement and support through the trying times, our beloved trainees, coordinators and volunteers on ground continued to engage the communities through door to door evangelistic and humanitarian outreaches yielding a great deal of ministry results through the year. Below is a summary of our outreach results this year 2020.




The Church Planter Program


Total Number of Church Planters Trained in 2020

Total Number of Church Planters Graduated in 2020

Total Number of Master Trainers Trained in 2020

Total Number of Master Trainers Graduated in 2020

Total Number Currently undergoing Training

Total Number of Prayer Groups (Cells) Begun in 2020

Total Number of New Members Joining Prayer Groups/Cells in 2020

Total Number of Churches Planted in 2020









The Raising Hope Children’s Ministry Program


Total Number of Children Workers Trained

Total Number of Children Workers Completing Trainings

Total Number of Children Master Trainers recruited

Total Number of Children Master Trainers Completing Trainings

Total Number of Children Bible Clubs Started

Total Number of New Children Who Attended Bible Clubs

Average Number of Children Attending the Bible Clubs








Evangelism CP & RH Programs


Total Number of Adults Reached

Total Number of Adults receiving Christ

Total Number of Children Reached

Total Number of Children receiving Christ

Total Number of New Believers Baptized

Total number of Tracts and Booklets distributed







Scripture Placement Program


Total Number of Full Bibles Distributed

Total Number of New Testament Bibles Distributed

Total Number of “That I May Know Him” Booklets Distributed

Number of Raising Hope Booklets Distributed

Training Manuals Distributed

Lesson Guides Distributed








One major area that Lord has blessed us in has been in the area of reaching out to People with disabilities. As of the month of December 2020, we launched our long awaited programs to the PWD focusing on the key areas of Disability Service, Inclusive Education and Inclusive Development establishing extensive disability programs and strengthening the already existing disability program, engaging in community sensitization campaigns on breaking the myths and beliefs on disability and teaching the right attitudes towards handicapped or physically challenged people and establishing entrepreneurship programs targeting PWD in the communities so as to promote job creation and self-sustainability. We have so far reached a total of 6 families with people with disabilities and through 8 of the children at Kampala school of the handicapped where we have served for over 20 years, we have already secured access to 8 communities in and outside Kampala city and eight churches in these communities that are opening up as centers to bring together families with PWD but also serve as centers to equip and sensitize communities on Disability in these areas.


“God blessed us with the resources and so we could not avoid doing something for the children. It was necessary for us to bring a message of hope to the children in the midst of the doom and gloom around them and we were so privileged to see them happy and blessed when shared the joy of Christmas with them” said Magumba Samuel of Iganga district Eastern Uganda.

Christmas season in the time past has been one season when the message of the birth of Christ is shared to children in the communities. This over the years has been done in the bible clubs through Christmas parties, outreaches, home visits, Christmas plays and Jesus films in the communities. However, due to the Corona Virus restrictions, this has not been the case. However, despite of these challenges, some of the bible clubs have been in position to reach but also organize small parties for their children in their communities. Through these outreaches and parties, a total of 3,722 children were reached with the gospel with 1322 salvations recorded.


As you pray with us, please stand with us in prayer for

·         Pray for the nation of Uganda. We set for presidential elections on 14th January 2021. Pray for a peaceful election and harmony even after the elections.

·         Pray for Our ministry programs for 2021. Pray for financial provision, success and new doors in new communities. 

·         Lift our Community workers and volunteers unto the Lord praying for their safety and cover through the new year.

Allow me end with a vote of thanks for sticking with us and supporting us through the year 2020 characterized with uncertainty and global distress caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. On behalf of the entire team and beneficiaries of our ministry programs, we wish to express our heart filled appreciation and gratitude for your generous support towards the ministry programs in Uganda in year 2020. Your incredible support has made a positive difference in the lives of people and communities throughout the country. We shall forever remain grateful for your sacrifices through this season.

We bless the Lord for you.