October 2020 Report

Hello Beloved,

Glad tidings in the mighty name of Jesus; I am privileged to once again reach out and connect with you at this awesome moment when we all look into the last part of the year with great anticipation eager to engage and embrace the new opportunities opening before us.

I am grateful for what God is already doing and for this reason I would like to share some of these experiences/testimonies even as we look ahead to the end of the month praying that you will be encouraged and moved to believe for even greater opportunities to embrace.


In October, we encountered Muwanguzi Jimmy a boda boda rider in Mengo community who commutes passengers in the Kampala central business area. At the time of the encounter, he was on phone talking with an evangelist back home about a believer the evangelist had led to Christ who needed a bible. Unfortunately, at the time of the call, the rider whom we later came to learn is a lead evangelist at his church had no money to purchase a new bible. Muwanguzi is a youth worker/evangelist at Lubamba Gospel Messengers church in Buikwe district. He travels 54kms every weekend from Kampala to minister at his church and community in Buikwe district. After listening to his story, we provided a bible and some 30 my bible reading booklets for discipleship purposes. We also offered a consignment of over 1,000 booklets to distribute during their evangelistic campaigns in their community.

“I am so grateful to God for this divine appointment. I can’t explain how grateful I am for this miraculous offer and gift to me this morning. Surely, its God and He has divinely answered our prayers and provided more than we asked.” Said the enthusiastic Jimmy.


There are many distinct groups of children and youth who need ministry to address their spiritual needs, but also need the attention of missiologists to help develop effective mission strategies.

This month through our community outreach to children, we reached a total of 962 children, 296 of these were through house to house outreaches. A consignment of 200 children’s tracts were distributed through the outreach. 365 of the children reached surrendered their lives to Christ. A number of the new converts were adopted into the Children’s community bible clubs. A Children’s Community bible club ministry is not just established for the purpose of reaching children but as part of the process of entering and impacting the community. Upon establishment of the community bible clubs,

1.      The children use what they have learned to reach out to their family, friends, and neighbors.
2.      They also work on community projects.
3.      The families become interested in learning more, and form parents’ groups to learn empowerment teachings, Adult Literacy Program and other projects.
4.      This helps to transform their community.


Please continue to pray with us for the following;

·         For our upcoming outreach programs in Eastern and Nothern Uganda

·         For new openings in the communities

We thank God for all that He has enabled us to do and believe that greater things are yet to happen in the midst of these devastated communities and peoples. We particularly thank God for your support towards this cause and enabling the gospel reach to the people in the communities.

May the Good Lord Bless you