Hello Beloved,

Glad tidings in the mighty name of Jesus; I am privileged to once again reach out and connect with you at this awesome moment when we all look into the last part of the year with great anticipation eager to engage and embrace the new opportunities opening before us.

In the midst of all this, we are grateful for what God is already doing and for this reason I would like to share some of these experiences/testimonies even as we look ahead praying that you will be encouraged and moved to believe for even greater opportunities to embrace.


Evangelism. Though this whole season, we have been engaging the communities in door to door and one on one evangelistic outreaches in the communities. As a result, multitudes have heard the gospel and salvations recorded. Through this process, our focus has been on starting small groups set to transition into church plants as we wait for the official opening of churches. The evangelistic outreaches are set to transition into small groups which eventually will result into church plants. This month a total of 1,232 adult contacts were reached with the gospel with 212 salvations recorded, over 5,000 tracts have been distributed in communities this month alone. 362 children’s booklets and 65 new testament bibles and 27 full bibles

Food support. We have reached out and supported vulnerable families in the communities with basic needs including food rations. We have also partnered with churches in refugee camps to reach the vulnerable specifically in Kyaka refugee camp.

Prayer Support. For the most part we have been interceding and praying for our dear beloved partners, financer’s, sponsors and friends of the ministry. We are so grateful for this great privilege to partner with you in this great commission and service to God


“I decided to distribute food stuff to the vulnerable families in my community as a gesture of expressing the love of Jesus to these families. This opened opportunity for me to minister Christ to these families after the outreach. As of this month 5 have surrendered their lives to Christ and I am currently following up on 3 families” testifies Pr. Onen Edwin from Gulu district.

Pr. Edwin is our programs coordinator in Northern Uganda. Through him, we launched a leadership development training program under the church planters program with a total of 30 potential church planters in Gulu district located approximately 335km North of Kampala city centre. The program has already seen over 5 churches planted over 7 potential churches yet to be planted through the small groups.

The real task of Church Planters and Church Planting is to internalize the Vision, get gifted leaders around the vision to run with it; and keep the flame burning. One of the most important tasks of a leader is to identify potential new leaders. If a church or organization is to grow, finding new leaders is critical. Equally vital is the quality of leaders being discovered.


  • Please continue to pray for Gods protection through this season of the Lock down.
  • Pray for provision for our pastors in the rural settings who have been hit hard by the lockdown. Many are starving since businesses have been temporarily shut down.
  • Pray for the new converts to be rooted in their new found faith.
  • Pray for divine substance for the ministry as we work against the odds and challenges to fulfill this great call.

We are thankful for your continuous support and faith in our response to the communities and we have not ceased to pray and believe God for a new doors and blessings for you and the entire team in the different nations. We know the Lord who started this great initiative will bring it to completion.