February 2020 Report

Hello Beloved Partner,

Glad tidings in the mighty name of Jesus; I pray that all is well.

The month of February has been awesome filled with different ministry activities. I am truly excited because amidst all the outreach programs, new opportunities have not ceased to come our way as the Lord enables us take over new different regions of Uganda. Please allow me bring to you this report concerning the different ministry activities for January and February 2019. We pray that in sharing this report, you will be encouraged.


 From January to February, a total of 4,321 adults were reached with the gospel, 1,224 surrendered their lives to Christ, 211 baptisms were conducted with 3 churches planted.

Through the children’s ministry training, a total of 2,311 children were reached with the gospel with 722 salvations recorded. 4 community bible clubs were stared in January and February. 

A total of 30 full bibles were distributed to church planters, 3211 new testament bibles, 320 raising hope training materials, 211 that I may know him and 411 raising hope children’s booklets.


Now, more than ever, the world is in need of a new generation of compassionate, strong, biblically-based leaders. Unfortunately, many Teens across Africa equate being a leader with corruption, bribery, and abuse of power. As a result, most teens do not understand the importance of developing strong leadership skills and hence brush off very opportunity to lead or develop leadership skills. In response Lead Today was created a program that fills this gap by guiding teens through lessons on biblical servant leadership, character strength, and practical application of leadership skills to help young people discover the path to becoming true, godly leaders. Over the years, we have discovered that school ministry is one of the most effected methods of reaching, skilling and empowering young people through a systematic and continuous program.

This past week, we launched the lead today school program in three schools in the outskirts of Kampala city. The 15 lesson, 15-week program currently reaching 47 nations worldwide and impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of teens was introduced to a total of 539 high school students and 96 pupils. The program is aimed at helping the participants realize their call to leadership, develop their leadership skills, Help discover and develop the children’s talents and gifting’s but also build the moral and academic state of the children. As we embark on this lifetime venture with a goal to reach and impact teens across Uganda, we kindly request for your moral and prayer support as we reach and develop leaders and bring about transformation in communities.


As you pray with us for the different ministry activities, please remember to pray with us for the following.

  • ·         For the upcoming children ministry trainings and also pray for the upcoming church planter programs

We are grateful for your continued support for the programs around Uganda. It’s because of Partners like you that we are able to accomplish all that we are doing. Your support and encouragement always grant us the courage and determination to keep keeping on in the midst of the different challenges. We are truly grateful.

May the almighty God bless you abundantly