January 2020 Report

Hello beloved,

It’s such an honor to once again write to you. Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus. I pray all is great and that good Lord has been graciously good to you. All is well as the good Lord continues to prosper and increase us through the open doors in the communities.

This month we are delighted to yet again bring to you our monthly report for the month of January 2020.


This month, we conducted a total of 2 church planter trainings through which 40 potential church planters were trained. 2 children’s ministry training programs were also conducted; 52 children’s workers were graduated after completing the three module training which had commenced 8 months ago.

This month we also officially launched the Youth Empowerment Program. The launch covered four communities in four districts. The launched saw 441 youths and teens reached and 12 youth workers equipped with 36 others awaiting training. The lead today training pack has been a great tool to use in reaching and equipping the teens and youth workers. This new months, we are set to reach 2 new communities with the program.


Name: Pr. Lubega Victor 

“The raising hope training became my rescue factor to the questions I had on how best I would reach out to the children. The idea of establishing a community bible club and running a vocational bible school was an excellent idea for me. On establishing the great ideas shared at the training, the number of children coming for the church activities shirt from 30 to 80 on average and shoots up during the school holidays. Nkulunze church has gotten more favor and trust from the parents after having seen change in the children as a result of the curriculums we have introduced through the children’s ministry program. This training has had a very effective impact to my ministry” he says.

Luwero district is located 52km north of Kampala city is remembered as the site for the fierce insurgency and brutal counter-insurgency between the government of Milton Obote and the rebel group (national resistance army) that that left thousands of civilians dead and thousands of children orphaned during the early to mid-1980’s. The impact of the war was so diverse that until today, the children and elders in community carry the scars of the war especially within the Luwero triangle the epi center of the war. Bamunaika is one of the eight town councils affected by the war that make up Luwero district. A town council that hosts Nkuluze bible gospel church.

At the beginning of this year, Pr. Victor attended one of our children’s ministry trainings. Through this training, we addressed a number of issues on how to effectively reach out to children, how to establish and run community programs. How to teach a bible lesson, how to lead a child to Christ, creating a child friendly environment, relating to children and how to build an outstanding children’s ministry that attracts crowds of parents and children designed to thrive for ages just to mention a few. Little did we know the training that victor was attending would become a transformational factor in his community as he testifies.

Churches like Nkulunze that have taken heed to reach kids, draw them in, and to equip parents to disciple their children have witnessed a radical change in their ministries especially when the children get excited about showing up and learning about Jesus. 


Please as you pray for us, remember to specifically pray for

·         For the upcoming outreach and Training/program and children ministry programs.

·         Pray for the provision for the training programs across the country.

·         Continue believing God with us for a ministry car to facilitate our outreaches and transportation.

We are so delighted for your continued support and we are grateful for the support towards the programs in Uganda. There is already enormous transformation and revival taking place and we believe in a short while, this transformation will not only be limited to the communities but the nation at large.

We never cease to thank God for your generosity but also pray that He continues to prosper you in all your endeavors.