June 2020 Report

Dear partner,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus. I pray and hope all is well. All is great back here and the good Lord has kept and sustained us well through this time of rest and travail.     

The month of June has been a much lighter month for us with a few of the set restrictions loosened. After a couple of months, we saw a few businesses opening up, transport allowed to operate but with minimal numbers, some border districts with no COVID infections opened, work places given the mandate to operate and most of all commuters and cyclists given the freedom to move. Despite of this great change, worship places, gatherings of more than 5 people have still been restricted still hindering our community training programs. However, there is great hope that in the next national address this is going to be done. 

Community Reports

“The communities are very receptive of the Gospel. The only challenge is you can’t meet them in masses as we previously did. Today it’s the door to door evangelism that works. But the beautiful thing about it is there are higher opportunities to evangelize the whole family at once.” Pr. Ronald our coordinator form Kamuli district in eastern Uganda says.

This month from the community reports gathered from a total of 6 districts, 2,132 people were reached in the communities with the gospel in the month of June. Of the total reached 633 salvation were recorded through the different evangelistic programs undertaken. The 633 new converts are currently under follow-up.

Through our children’s ministry programs in the communities, a total of 1,625 children were reached with the gospel. 421 surrendered their lives to Christ. This was a great achievement being that the children’s workers encounter the children through the one on one outreaches approach. 

Statistics show that 85% of people who come to Christ do so before the age of 18. That likelihood drops to 4 percent for teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18, and ticks back up to 6 percent for adults older than 18. Facts like this justify the need to reach and develop leaders with a potential to reach children but also train other eligible men and women to reach more children especially in the unreached communities before they develop into adults where their likelihood to surrender their lives to Christ trickles to 6%.

Scripture placement

This month, a total of 4,521 tracts were distributed through the evangelistic programs in the districts. 53 full bibles and 165 NT bibles were also distributed. 233 children’s booklets were given to especially the new converts for study.

With these openings also come the need for resources specifically Christian literature. Much of these have been the request for bibles especially Luganda Bibles. Being that most of these ministry activities take place in remote areas where English is not a common language, Luganda becomes the common unifying language making the Luganda literature more resourceful.

Praise Report

“You people, I appreciate God for your equipment over our lives both for children’s and church planter’s ministry because I have always been thinking about how COVID  19 invaded us. But I thank God that at least you people have done your part. And it’s us to put in practice what you taught us. Thank you teachers for teaching us. …the Bible says in” ECCLESIASTES 3:1 “To everything there is season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven.” So thank you very much to sacrifice your time, money and energy to equip us. May The Almighty God richly bless you, your families and all generations to come.” Pr. Kasaga Agnes

Pr. Kasaga Agnes is our church planter and children’s ministry alumni. She currently serves as a master trainer in both fields in the ministry. She has gone through all odds to establish a fully operational church in Kawempe community using a community children’s bible club program she established after attending the church planter and the children’s ministry training programs two years ago. Today, she is supporting and pastoring her community. As the church planters start to embrace the new normal and apply the skills attained through the trainings on how to effectively reach and disciple their communities, testimonies are continuously flowing in from the communities.

Prayer Request.

As you pray, pray from the following perspectives

  1. Pray for the community programs including the church planter and children’s ministry programs. Also for the youth empowerment programs. Pray that they will find root and relevance in this time when they are needed.
  2. Pray for the nation of Uganda against the prevailing cases of Corona Virus in the country. Pray for healing and restoration.
  3. Pray for the leadership of Uganda. The country is preparing fir elections early next year. Pray for godly and righteous leadership in the different leadership sectors. Also pray for wisdom and guidance committees and different stakeholders in the upcoming elections.
  4. Let’s pray for families in the country.

We are grateful for the support and generous contributions towards these programs. We pray that he continues to support provide for all your individual, ministry and family needs.

God mightily Bless You