July 2020 Report

 Greetings Partner

 It’s with great pleasure that I bring to you this brief report. As a team, are grateful for all that you do and have done to ensure our wellbeing through your generous donations, prayers, counsel and support. We have always prayed for you for wealth, wellbeing and success in all that you do.


The rural communities have been the backbone of our ministry where many of our ministry activities are actively running. Through our mission outreach to rural communities, we have had the privilege to be part of the community transformation outreach programs in the five regions of Uganda namely, northern, eastern, southern, western and central Uganda. 

Through these community outreaches, we have engaged community church leaders in leader’s seminars. These seminars have attracted church leaders from the community ranging from Pastors, children and youth leaders and other ministry leaders. Through these seminars, we engaged the leaders on a discipleship course encompassing areas as Effective Ministry, bearing Fruit, Living as a Disciple Maker, The Heart of a Disciple Maker, Living as the Church and How to Study the Bible just to mention a few.

As a result of the skills attained through the trainings, the community leaders have been effective in reaching, evangelizing and disciplining their communities throughout the Lockdown through humanitarian outreaches, door to door evangelism, health outreaches and home cell fellowships.


People with disabilities are among the most neglected groups in the policy domain as well as in the private sphere. The majority of these children face enormous economic, political, and social barriers that have an adverse impact on their physical, social and intellectual development and wellbeing. Many of them do not have access to the most basic needs such as FOOD, health services and education;

This program has been running in Kampala in conjunction with different organizations, schools and churches that have taken on the initiative to reach out to these children. Currently one of our key areas of emphasis is securing nutritional support for physically handicapped. We have a number of people in need of food in the different communities in the east and central Uganda. We have taken on the initiative to advocate for nutritional support from friends and well-wishers for mobility for these disadvantaged and support working towards creating a better life for them.


Kampala and the central region, which dominate urban centers, comprise almost 30 percent of Uganda’s 38 million people, according to the 2016 national household survey. Both fear of Covid-19, and adjusting to the lockdown imposed since 31 March 2020, have radically changed every day social lives across Uganda, as in many other countries. Most of Uganda’s urban dwelling slum residents are a hand-to-mouth lot. Literally, they live off their ability to make it to town centers every day to do manual work. A slight disruption in this routine since the instillation of the lockdown measures has led to these families going hungry at home.

The lockdown has left many parents without jobs. With food stocks running low, many families have been forced to reduce the frequency and size of meals, until the August- December harvest season. Unfortunately, the countries grappling with rising coronavirus cases leading to the institution of strict virus infection control measures that in some cases have interfered with agricultural production. For this reason, the country is bracing for a severe food shortage over the next four months. The food shortages prediction announced by Uganda’s state minister for relief and disaster preparedness is set to escalate between November this year and March 2021.


·         This project is developed to address the short-term needs of the population affected by the COVid-19 pandemic with a long-term strategy of strengthening the capacity of the local churches and partnering grass root structures to continue holistic humanitarian outreaches and people development through awareness.

 ·         We are specifically formulating a model of response that takes into account our organizational capacity and mandate as well as the capacity of our local partner including local churches, our church planter, children ministry workers, grass root ministries and individuals operating in the urban slum and poor communities of Uganda

 ·         We seek to focus our response to groups that are most vulnerable and in geographic regions where we believe we can make a difference and have a legitimate responsibility and financial capacity to respond.

 Project activities planned for Nutritional Support Program:

 1.     Purchase and distribution of nutritional food support for the mentioned people groups.

 2.     Guidance and counseling for the groups affected by the food shortage in the slum communities and prison facilities

 3.     Evangelism for the people groups visited during the follow-up programs.


 Pray for

  •  Partners to stand with us for this programs. We are advocating for partnerships to support the nutritional program to reach the PWD, slum families, acid victims and children incasirated with their mothers in prisons.
  • Pray for our ministry programs this month especially in communities through evangelism and humanitarian outreaches.

We thank God for the generous contribution of our partners towards the success of the program financially and through prayer. As you realize all these programs require finances without which, we may not fully accomplish that that we ought to do. Please do pray with us for even more partners that we may be in position to reach even more communities.

May the good Lord continue to bless and increase you.

Yours faithfully

Robert Sebunya – Team Leader