2018 Ministry Report

Greetings beloved partners,

Happy New Year. I pray the year has begun on a wonderful and awesome note. Surely, the good Lord has been good to us and never ceases to amaze us every time.

The year 2019 was phenomenal for us a s a ministry marked with a number of success stories and testimonies in line with the church planter and children’s ministry programs. As a norm, as an organization we set our focus on reaching communities with gospel through our Christmas outreach programs and this year the outreach programs in December have yielded a great harvest unto the kingdom. In summary, a total of 3 churches were planted in December 2018, 2356 reached with the gospel, 322 adults saved, 2433 children reached through the clubs and outreach programs with 916 salvations registered.

 Below is the ministry result of our total achievement in 2018




The Church Planter Program


Total Number of Church Planters Trained in 2018

Total Number of Church Planters Graduated in 2018

Total Number of Master Trainers Trained in 2018

Total Number of Master Trainers Graduated in 2018

Total Number Currently undergoing Training

Total Number of Prayer Groups (Cells) Begun in 2018

Total Number of New Members Joining Prayer Groups/Cells in 2018

Total Number of Churches Planted in 2018









The Raising Hope Children’s Ministry Program


Total Number of Children Workers Trained

Total Number of Children Workers Completing Trainings

Total Number of Children Master Trainers Trained

Total Number of Children Master Trainers Completing Trainings

Total Number of Children Bible Clubs Started

Total Number of New Children Who Attended Bible Clubs

Average Number of Children Attending the Bible Clubs








Evangelism CP & RH Programs


Total Number of Adults Reached

Total Number of Adults receiving Christ

Total Number of Children Reached

Total Number of Children receiving Christ

Total Number of New Believers Baptized

Total number of Tracts and Booklets distributed








As we launch into the new season and set our goals in line with the different pending trainings and graduations in line with the church planter and Children’s ministry programs. We are so positive that the programs will yield even much more fruit than they have this year alone. We hope to see more new churches planted, more children clubs established, more souls reached and won to Christ and more new potential master trainers raised from the lots being trained as the ongoing programs progress. We are optimistic about this.

However, we also hope to see more new programs established in the communities. Among the new programs we hope to put in consideration are

1.      The Biblical Economic Empowerment program.

The goal behind this program is to equip and empower local Churches and grassroots community organizations to effectively and sustainably carry out Social and Economic activities in the church and community based on biblical principles by training, motivating, and empowering the local Church Leaders to respond to the root causes of poverty and vulnerability with a focus on creating a sense of self-sustainability and drawing communities to Christ. This past December, we had a field test with over 80 youths and teenagers approximately 42km East of Kampala City in Mukono District, Seeta Nazigo community engaging them through a one-day soft skill training in the areas of leadership skill, computer skills, baking and catering, financial training on saving, a health training on first aid, a basic tailoring training, soap making and shoe mending. The training saw the teens empowered and motivated to go and establish the learnt skills in their communities.

2.      The Community Mission Fellowship Program/House in Buddo Community.

We are currently in the Initial stages of planting a church and mission house in this community. The mission house is meant to be a pilot/model project for many “Mission Community Fellowships/ Churches” leading to the planting of many other mission churches in the communities. A children’s community club has already been established and is running in the community.

3.      The Adult Literacy Program in Refugee Camps and Islands/rural communities.

The high illiteracy levels in the refugee camps and Islands across the country have been and continue to be a great challenge to our ministry activities in these areas. On many occasions we have had to foot bills here and there to translate the training materials and find translators during our trainings in these places. We believe more than before now is a great time to penetrate these communities with the Adult literacy program through the church plants and children’s ministry programs established as a means to influence and impact these communities.

4.      A Budget for the Scripture portions

As we finalize with the pending training programs, a need for facilitation for the scripture portions especially Bibles for both the church planter and children ministry for the upcoming graduation programs once again arises.


Please, pray with us in line with the mentioned areas above that the good Lord will open doors and make establishment and implementation of these programs possible in Uganda.

On behalf of myself, the entire team and beneficiaries of our ministry programs, we wish to express our heart filled appreciation and gratitude for your generous support towards the ministry programs in Uganda in year 2018. Your incredible support has made a positive difference in the lives of people and communities throughout the country. Our prayer is that the almighty will continue to prosper you in all your undertakings.

May the almighty God Bless you.