December 2018 Report

Greetings beloved partners,

Happy New Year. I pray the year has begun on a wonderful and awesome note. Surely, the good Lord has been good to us and never ceases to amaze us every time. I am grateful to bring to you this report as regards our December2018 activities 

Prison Ministry

Prisoners need regeneration not rehabilitation–and Jesus has commissioned His followers to reach beyond the barbed wire fences and steel bars to touch the lives of men and women bound by the shackles of sin. Unfortunately, despite the clear Biblical injunction and Christ’s example to minister to prisoners, many believers prefer to pass by on the other side of the street, as did the religious leaders in the parable of the Good Samaritan (see Luke 10:29-37). For this reason, prison populations grow larger and larger. Often, people come out of prison worse than when they went in. Just like the inmates, the wardens too have needs much related to those of the inmates which need to be met as well. 

During the Christmas season, part of our outreach programs was to the inmates in two prisons and one remand home in Kampala district. The program saw about 1,150 inmates reached with the gospel and 153 surrendering their lives to Christ. The program also involved distribution humanitarian items and funds to help create a Christmas feel and celebration for the inmates. We have established evangelistic and discipleship programs for the inmates, wardens and children in the prison compound through which we will be providing discipleship programs, basic life-skills trainings, positive parenting classes, and other programs to help transform the lives of the inmates, prison wardens, their children and their families in 10 Prisons across the country throughout 2019. 

Community Outreach program

The holiday season was an epic and memorable time for many of the children in community slums. As a ministry, we targeted the slum dwelling children in four Major Slums in Kampala City and the fifth in Jinja East of the City. Over 2,500 children were part of the Christmas outreaches crowned with a children’s Christmas party in each of the slums. Approximately 721 children surrendered their lives to Christ through the outreaches. Our effort to introduce Christ to these community children helps the children understand who exactly Christ is and what he has for our salvation thus understanding the true reason for the season. Over 70% of the children born and raised in these impoverished communities and slums have never had an opportunity to be exposed to life behind their boundaries. 

We will be taking on 2 new slum communities in the outskirts of the city this year establishing the children’s community programs in a move to bring transformation and create a legacy of peace in them. On average we reach and disciple over 3,852 children every week through the 32 children clubs established across the country.

YOUTH Empowerment Program

Uganda, one of the youngest population in the world carrying an 83% unemployment rate for young people aged 15–24 years for a population composition of 77% under 30 years of age and 52% below the age of 15, the quest for establishment of alternative programs such as economic empowerment and soft skill programs by local NGO’s and Government parastatals continue to be a great need to avert the high unemployment and poverty Levels. 

In December, we launched the youth economic empowerment program for youths and teenagers in Mukono District approximately 42km East of Kampala City in Mukono Seeta Nazigo for a one-day soft skill training with over 80 youth and teenagers engaging them in leadership skill, computer skills, baking and cooking, financial training on saving, a health training in first aid, a basic tailoring training, soap making and shoe mending. The training saw the teens empowered and motivated to go and establish the learnt skills in their communities. This program is set to be introduced in the different districts of Uganda in 2019.

Prayer Request

As we ear mark the year during this period, some of the key areas we would kindly request you to stand with us in prayer for include

  1. The Buddo Community Fellowship Church Program. As discussed in our earlier reports, this ear is the year ear marked for the launch of the program which will see Community fellowship churches established across the country in the new future. Pray for guidance and provision through the process. 
  2. Need for Bibles. As we engage new communities, the need for Christian literature especially bibles are immense especially for distribution to the new believers, please stand with us in prayer for this cause.
  3. The Youth Empowerment Program. This is our newest program that requires funding and support. Please pray for partners to support the program.

On behalf of myself, the entire team and beneficiaries of our ministry programs, we wish to express our heart filled appreciation and gratitude for your generous support towards the ministry programs in Uganda in year 2018. Your incredible support has made a positive difference in the lives of people and communities throughout the country. Our prayer is that the almighty will continue to prosper you in all your undertakings. 

May the almighty God Bless you.