November 2018 Report

Dear Beloved,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus, hoping that all is well. It is well back here.

Thank you for your continued support and for the confidence that you have placed in us. I would like to assure you that we do not take this confidence for granted. Through you, God graciously supplies the need resources of the organization. We don’t take this lightly. That’s why we dutifully utilize the availed resources for the intended purpose. As a result, the good Lord always rewards us with fruit that we are delighted to share with you at this juncture inform of a testimony to the glory of His name.

This month, we graduated 103 children’s workers who had successfully completed the three module raising Hope Children’s Workers program and fulfilled all the necessary requirements to qualify for the event among which include establishing community bible clubs, evangelizing to children, conducting church based and community bible study programs. We launched a total of two training programs in two separate communities in Kayunga and Kaliro Districts. The 2 training programs that attracted a total of 60 trainees are set to run from November 2018 to November 2019 after which the successful trainees will then graduate. 


The Eastern part of Uganda is predominantly known for Islam and Traditional beliefs due to the great early Arab influence during the colonial era. However, thorough the years, there has been a steady revival and transformation in these communities as churches, local Christian NGO’s and individuals have taken on the initiative to reach and share the gospel in these communities. 

The Day Star Primary School team led by Mrs. Rose Batyakunyaga have been instrumental in promoting the spread of the gospel in the region through children ministry. Many instrumental leaders like Mr. Igadube Andrew in Jinja have risen and are actively involved in establishing children ministry programs in different Eastern districts of Uganda. Mr. Andrew who has been instrumental in the establishment and running of the Children’s bible club in Kikalamoja Jinja with over 600 children has continued to run the replicate the programs in the other parts of the country including the district of Mayuge in Eastern Uganda with high child marriages and crime. It’s a common practice for children to get into marriage as early as 13 years and because of this there are many children headed families in these districts.

Today through his children ministry program, a church has been planted in the district with a congregational membership comprising of 20 Adults, 10 youths and 30 children. The cause of the church plant arising from the lack of a local church to give oversite to the children’s community club introduced in the community.

“We didn’t know which church to give the responsibility to and didn’t know whom to consult since a pastor’s fellowship in the sub county was non-existent unlike other counties and so we had no option but to establish a church with the church planter knowledge we had.” Andrew says.

Just a few days ago, the church hosted the first children’s ministry training for children’s workers from other churches in the surrounding communities impacting 50 children’s workers. With the establishment and replication of these programs, we hope to see transformation in these districts in the near future. 

“With the success story at Kikalamoja community, I believe this district can be transformed as well with the help of God. I am determined to this change happening once again should God tarry.” says Andrew as he narrates his goal. 


Christmas time is a season when we reach out and spread the love of Christ to children and prisons in the communities. This year, we focus our attention on children in the community clubs 2 prisons and Katanga one of Kampala’s biggest slums. The essence of this is to help portray the true meaning of Christmas through different ministry activities. A number of evangelistic programs are to be considered through the outreaches including Christmas parties, the nativity film shows, distribution of tracts and Christian literature and sharing the Christmas story, engage in activities and games related to Christmas like, shading, colouring and drawing. 

Please pray with us for partners who will stand with us in initiating the program. 


Please as you pray for us, remember to specifically pray for

  1. The Community Mission Fellowship Program/House. The mission house is meant to be a pilot/model project for many “Mission Community Fellowships/ Churches” leading to the planting of many other mission churches in the communities. Pray over the Mission house at Buddo praying for financial provision for its completion. 
  2. The Buddo Children’s Community Club and Mission Outreaches. A Month ago we launched a children’s community bible club program with 20 children in the community which is set to run every Saturday. For the past one month the children have been faithfully coming to the club and we have seen the lives of the children transforming steadily. Pray for the growth of the program and for it not just to affect the children but the whole community.
  3. Christmas Outreaches: Please continue pray for the Christmas projects and for them to have impact in the communities. 

As we continue to build a stronger partnership together, we fully recognize that your support and the continued trust that you place in us is the foundation of our success. We are grateful to God for your continued support of the programs. Please help us spread the good news and reach the lost in the communities.  

May the almighty God bless you