January 2019 Report

Hello beloved Partner,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus.

In these times of uncertainty and difficulty, the good Lord has continued to be good and faithful to us. The Lord who has led us thus far has continued to do so this year. He has blessed and continued to avail us with the resources to accomplish this great part of the commission he has called us to. A few weeks ago, we received a free one year pass to over 10 prisons in Uganda. This has been our prayer and praise God, we got the answer. In respect to that, we have already embarked on reaching the different prisons with our first two being Luzira Maximum prison with a lock in of over 7,000 inmates. We also visited Mbarara prison with a lock in of 1,350 inmates and a church congregation of 356 inmates. Oh what a joy it was seeing the inmates praise God and receive Christ as their Lord and savior of course courtesy of your prayers and support.


Name: Natabo Poline

Sending Church: Bunalwenyi Church of God

Occupation: Children’s Pastor

District: Bunalwenyi, Mayuge District (Eastern Uganda)

 “I was inspired into establishing a children’s community bible club by the testimonies shared during the first Module training. I was moved by how the clubs had impacted the children, families and communities. After the training, I made up my mind that I was going to give it a shot” says Poline a trainee with just concluded Raising Hope training in Bunalwenyi.

Poline got to know of the training program through her pastor after a vision casting training which the pastor had attended. Having herd of the benefits of children ministry to the church and God’s intention for children. She enrolled for the program and didn’t really regret her decision.

Upon completing the first module training, Poline established her first community bible club among the community children who came to swing and play at the centre. It was not a struggle looking for the children because they came to the centre to play. However, it was task keeping them off the swings and in the club for the short time she needed them.  However, with the story telling techniques and bible study skills taught in the first module training, she was able to pull it off to date.

“I initially begun with nine children. The rest watched from a distance. With the enthusiasm and excitement, I put in my lessons, slowly the rest joined through the weeks. Today 143 children are part of the club program.” She says.

Not only has she reached to the children in Bunalwenyi but also to children in her home area. Together with Winnie her assistant, they established another club in Naitandu Community about 5kms away from Bunalwenyi. Today they minister to the children in the two community bible clubs on Tuesdays and Fridays respectively and an average of 304 children are reached with the gospel every week through the two clubs.

Communities are quickly becoming like many unreached people groups around the world. Kids are growing up with little or no understanding of who God is or the price that Jesus paid for them on the cross. They may be considered low priority to the church, but to Jesus they have always been the highest priority. That’s why at Mercy link, we prioritize children and the ministry. The children’s community bible club are such an important addition to our communities in fulfilling our vision of raising leaders, transforming communities and creating a legacy of peace.  


As you consider praying for us this month,

  1. Commit the February programs in the hand of the Lord. Specifically, the Children’s ministry programs and church planter programs.
  2. As we finalize with the pending training programs, a need for facilitation for the scripture portions especially Bibles for both the church planter and children ministry for the upcoming graduation programs once again arises. We stand and pray for provision.
  3. Pray for the church in Mbarara prison with a lock in of 1,350 inmates and a church congregation of 356 inmates. The church is in need of tabs to use to baptize inmates who have turned to Christ. This can’t be done outside the prison walls due to the prison policies.
  4. Last but not least continue praying for my Planned trip to the US in a few months’ time. Pray for guidance, new partnerships and favor.

Allow me end by thanking you for considering to lift these prayer items unto the Lord. We have so much we are looking forward to in this coming month. We thank God for your continued support and partnership in fulfilling the mandate to evangelize, disciple, training and equip leaders across the country. May the good Lord bless and increase you.