2016 Final Ministry Report

Hello Beloved,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus, We pray that all is well.

Allow us bring you the 2016 all year ministry report for the different ministry activities.




Total No Reached

The Church Planter Program


 Total No of Leaders Trained in Uganda in 2016


         Total No of Leaders Trained outside Uganda in 2016


Total No of Leaders Completing the Program 2016


Total No Currently undergoing Training


Total No of  Small Prayer Groups (Cells) Begun in 2016


Total No of Prayer Groups (Cells) to date


Total No of Churches Planted in 2016


Total No of Churches Planted Since 2014


Children Ministry Program (Raising Hope)


Total No of Children Workers Trained


          Total No of Children Workers Completing Training’s


Total No of Children Bible Clubs  Started


Total No of New Children who Attended Bible Clubs


Total No of Children Attending The Bible Clubs


                   Total No of Bible Clubs   




Total No of Adults Reached


                             Total No of Adults receiving Christ


Total No of Children Reached


                           Total No of Children receiving Christ


Total No of New Believers Baptized


Total No of Adult Scripture portions distributed


Total No of Children Scripture portions distributed


Bibles Distributed (Full and New Testament Bibles )


Hidden Children (Handicapped Ministry)


 Total No of Children reached


                                        Total No receiving Christ


Total No of Children undergoing discipleship


                                     Prison Ministry


Total No of Prisons Reached


Total No of inmates Reached


Total No of Inmate Salvation’s Recorded


Total No of Inmates Being Discipled


WAY FORWARD                         

As we set to continue building the different programs established this year. We plan to broaden the scope of these programs by replicating the programs I the different districts and communities across Uganda. Below is a summary of some of the ministry strategic plans.

Church Planting: We thank the Lord for enabling us successfully graduate 23 Church planters, plant over 45 churches and establish over 130 Small groups in communities through the church planters program. Over vision for next year is to establish over 5 similar programs in three districts and two refugee camps. Strengthening the viability of the church planters program through training and expanding the scope of the church planter programs.

The Children Ministry Program. We have a bigger vision of establishing this program across Africa. In doing this, we are establishing the Africa Children ministry (ACM) that is going to take effect starting Jabuary 2017. The program focuses on teaching a Christ-centred, theologically sound curriculum with Christ at the centre of what we’re teaching by teaching the absolute truth of the Bible in its entirety, training the next generation of Christians and equipping them to go out into communities, schools, families, orphanages, prisons, refugee camps but also creating child friendly programs like Community bible clubs, VBS/after school and related programs so as to equip children to go out into the world and to be Christ effecting change and bringing transformation in Africa. The Goal of the program is not just to give children a faith that they would have to come back to, but a relationship that would keep them connected to Christ for their whole life.

The Disability Ministry: We have developed the following Emergency Response and Development Plan for the disability program in Uganda. The Ministry to people with Disabilities Plan (MPWDP) is intended to respond to the physical and spiritual needs of 550 people with disability in five districts of Uganda. The project for the start will be scalable to a fewer districts based on available funds undertaken with long-term considerations on rehabilitation, recovery and development integrating the physical and spiritual needs of the affected population must under-gird planning and implementation.

Leadership Develop in Prisons: We still plan on with the plan to train prison cadets at the prisons training school with leadership and discipleship skills to establish small groups and churches upon being passed as prison workers at the different prison facilities around the country. This is an opportunity to reach and engage inmates with the Gospel and disciple them while still in prison through and by the Cadets.

Establish Training and Guest House Facilities. This is a plan we look forward to implement in the near future on the 10 acre piece of land the Lord has blessed the ministry with. This will cut the cost of hiring training and guest house facilities for the different programs but also enable the ministry grow its magnitude of impact through its training programs but also boost its income through the commercial use of the guest house facilities.


We are faced with a No of challenges in these undertaking among which include;

The Budget: our scope of reach and impact has for far been limited by our monthly and annual budgets. The current budget has greatly affect our evangelistic, church planter, children ministry, trainings, outreach and discipleship programs. Our prayer has been and still is for the Lord to enables us receive adequate funding.

Christian Literature: this has still been a great challenge in as far as our ministry programs are concerned. We have and are in constant need of Bibles/ study bibles, Children booklets, leadership books for the leaders, tracts and booklets for evangelism.


Please continue to pray with us for the areas mentioned above and for potential partners to partly support the programs.

May Christ bless and increase you in every area of your life. 

Sincerely yours,

Robert Sebunya