January 2017 Report

Hello Beloved,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus. I pray that all is well.

I bring to you this January report in honor of what the Lord has enabled us to achieve through this month.


A total of 18 church planters from around Kampala and surrounding districts enrolled for the church planters program that took place in January 2017. The church planter program attracted potential church planters from a total of 4 districts around Kampala. The module one program focuses on evangelism covering topics such as Survey- Finding a target area or place, How to meet people, How to share your testimony, How to talk to people about Jesus, How to follow-up, How to invite, ant how to teach music. Our target is to plant at least four churches in the slums and surrounding communities and the rest outside the slum.

“There is great potential in the trainees as seen in these contribution and desire to learn during the training. We believe we are going to yield much more results from this program through the trainees” said Pr Leonard Sekajja a trainer and recruiter in the program.

We are set for the next training program on discipleship in May 2017.


This month through the raising hope program, we reached a total of 101 teens including 43 alumni and pioneers of the club through what we dubbed the Bulange Children Club Luncheon. The luncheon was intended to bring together all the teens and youth who once attended and those currently attending the club activities. The event was graced with games, feasting but also testimonies from the alumni on how the club has helped shape their destinies and lifestyle. At least 23 children recommitted and surrendered their lives to Christ.

Through the different community bible clubs, 187 new children were reached with the gospel and 53 surrendered their lives to Christ.


A total of 658 people were reached with the gospel this month through the church planters in the different communities. 215 surrendered their lives to Christ. Four new Home cells were started and 24 new people joining the home cells/groups.

A consignment of 600 tracts, 250 children booklets and 30 New Testament bibles and 20 full bibles were distributed during the outreach programs.


Please as you pray for us, remember to specifically pray for

  • The ministry activities for the month of February especially the Raising Hope Graduation and the Church planters module 4 training program in South western Uganda
  • Church planters and community church plants
  • For the community discipleship programs including the community bible clubs and small group programs for the adults.
  • New ministry opportunities in refugee camps specifically in Nakivale and the communities.
  • The trip to Kenya for the Africa regional leaders meeting.

We are grateful for the awesome and great things the Lord is doing in our midst and all this is possible because of you prayers and support that has enabled us to reach and touch these communities. We can’t explain how much this means to us but one thing we know for sure is that the Good Lord is surely proud of you. We pray that even as he has been good to us through you, his goodness will never cease to manifest in your life as it has been in ours.


Robert Sebunya