December 2016 Report

Hello Beloved,

Seasonal greetings in the mighty name of Jesus, I pray that all is well. All is well back here.

Allow me bring to you our ministry report for the month of December 2016 hoping that it finds you in good health and wealth. 


“I am so impressed of how this program has transformed the ministry to children at church. The story telling and bible study techniques I learnt through this program in the first module revolutionized the ministry at church, first and foremost by helping build relationships between us the teachers and the children but also giving a better understanding of the scriptures for the children” said Annet a trainee graduate with the children’s ministry training program.

This month, we trained 24 children workers in Kenya and graduated a total 43 children workers who had completed the Children ministry training program. The graduates comprised of Sunday school teachers from 17 churches around Kasangati community located approximately 16.4km from Kampala City Center. This training program was initiated to help equip the trainees with skills pertaining children ministry but also help establish evangelistic and discipleship community children programs so as to effect transformation and spiritual growth in the lives of the community children. A total of 6 children community bible clubs have been started and 7, children church programs revived through the trainees of the program.

 “I have so far established two community bible clubs since I joined this program” said Tonny. “I was inspired to do so after hearing the impact story of Kikalamoja bible club in Jinja during the module one training. I have not at one point regretted this decision I took” he adds.

The impact of this training has been tremendous in the different sending ministries and churches. Out of this, the churches are working towards establishing a committee of children workers to oversee and monitor he children ministry activities in the communities to ensure continuity and effectiveness of the program.

Children Community Christmas program

This month the children community bible clubs have been our focus of outreach through our annual Christmas party program. The Christmas program is an annual program through which we reach and share the love of Jesus through stories, giving, sharing, eating and celebrating.

This Christmas, a total of 317 children from Bulange bible club and Rwamwanja Refugee camp Bible club were beneficiaries of this program. In a community like Rwamwanja refugee camp where almost 95% of the children have been born and raised in these impoverished camps having never had an opportunity to be exposed to life behind their boundaries, the concept of Christmas sounds another story with no experience attached to the story. Our effort to introduce Christ to this community children helped the children understand who exactly Christ is and what he did for our salvation. Unlike the past Christmases, this Christmas was impactful to the children who celebrated the day eating and listening to the Jesus story a moment never to forget.

A total of 96 children surrendered their lives to Christ through the Christmas program to the two community bible clubs.


Successful church planters have effectively used local church groups to go door-to-door delivering invitations to special services in the new church. Usually several people came to know Jesus Christ during the first week and formed the nucleus of a new congregation.

This month through the church planter program 1 church has been planted. 1,352 people reached with the Gospel with 296 salvation’s recorded. The outreaches covered 7 villages.

The church planters program is effective in 17 districts across Uganda with 49 trainees having been involved in the program. Already 23 church planters have graduated from the program and 26 are currently left with two modules to complete the program as well. A total of 25 churches have been planted this year alone bringing the total of the churches planted since the program begun to 49. Over130 small groups (Home cells) are running across the country with over 500 active members attending the groups every week.


This month, we reached a total 2,132 inmates though 3 prison outreaches in Kampala and Busia area. A total 536 inmates surrendered their lives to Christ during the outreaches. At our time of visit, we engaged the prison facilities through the sharing of the gospel, distribution of tracts, booklets and humanitarian items. The inmates were so receptive of the gospel and willingly received the gospel tracts as they were being distributed. Over 2,500 booklets were distributed to the inmates and officers on duty.

Across the Uganda, prison systems are a male-dominated area of society and many of these are between the ages of 21 to 35 years posing a threat to family and economic growth. However, this has also created a great opportunity to reach the lost in these institutions. Most of the inmates about 70% are youths below the age of 40 meaning if not well rehabilitated, still have much potential to come out and cause much more havoc and yet if helped could be of great benefit to their communities. In a move to establish preventive measures, we are beginning with outreaches and establishment of discipleship programs in these prisons.


Through these outreaches, we reached a total of 3,745 people in Busia Eastern Uganda, these outreaches we conducted through open air crusades, door to door evangelism, hospital visits and home visits. A total of 796 people surrendered their lives to Christ through the outreach programs.

As we engaged the communities during these outreaches, we were ready to face off some of the challenges through the support and donations from different friends and partners like you. The evangelistic program ran alongside with humanitarian outreach done to demonstrate the spirit of Christmas and love of God.


As you pray with us, please stand with us in prayer for

  • Our ministry programs for 2017. Pray for success and new doors in new communities. 
  • Pray for the African Children Ministry (ACM) program slated for next year.
  • Lift our church planter and Raising Hope children ministry trainees unto the Lord praying for their safety and cover through the festive season into next year.
  • Pray also for Day Star primary school and for the program activities at the school even as the school breaks off for the long Christmas holiday. 
  • Last but not least pray for the new openings in Congo and Tanzania. Pray that God will connect us with genuine partners and individuals/churches and for the successful establishment of our ministry programs.

We appreciate with all gratitude your generous support towards the ministry programs in Uganda. Your support has greatly impacted the lives of people and communities throughout the country. This year, we have been able to holistically effect individuals and communities, improve the well-being of the masses in the areas the Lord has led us.  Thanks can’t convey how truly grateful we are. Our prayer is that the almighty will continue to prosper you in all your endeavours.

On behalf of myself, the entire team and beneficiaries of our ministry programs, we would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year 2017.

May the almighty God Bless you.

Yours in service

Robert Sebunya