October 2014 Report

Hello Beloved,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus, I pray that all is well. The Lord has been good and caused us to yet again prosper and sail through our set goals for this month.

We feel obligated to share with you in detail these accomplishments through this report.  It’s through you generous contribution towards the ministry that we are enabled to do all that we have been and are still doing. Feel free to find this report and other ministry activities on


This month has been phenomenon as we reached 7 schools this month alone.  This include two schools in Jinja, four in Kampala, one in Bugiri, and one in Wakiso district.  Of the eight schools reached three were schools not previously reached where as the rest were schools that in which we have discipleship programs running.

A total of 4,028 Pupils and students have been reached through these outreach programs. During these outreaches, we shared with the children about the salvation of man starting right from the fall of man in the Garden of Eden to the resurrection of Christ and his invitation to us to believe in Him.  A total of 2,023 students responded to the gospel. Up to 4,200 children booklets and 100 tracts were distributed to children.

THE JESUS FILM SHOW                                                                         

The “Godman” is an intriguing Jesus movie we have used to reach and penetrate the communities. This time round, the effects of this movie has been great as we engage three communities this month. These include Makindye community, The YMCA and Namuganza community in Bugiri District.

A total of 2,403 attended the movie shows from the three locations with the Majority being children.  The communities were so receptive to show as even Muslims responded to the show watching the movie and reading from the children booklets distributed in communities like Namuganza in Bugiri. A total of 1,501 people gave their lives to Christ through the movie outreaches. 1,000 children booklets and 1400 tracts were distributed.


We have had the opportunity to reach out to a total of four prison and a juvenile home this month. Thee include, Bulawula prison in Bugiri district, Masindi Prison, Kamuli Prison, Kigo prison kampiringisa and Bugungu Prison.

Masindi district was one of the prisons in which we conducted an outreach in partnership with Rock Church Ministries. The prison houses up to about 1,345 inmates a number we found in the lock in that day. Through the head of the prison, we had the opportunity to speak to the inmates at the square. We share under the theme “God loves you because you are special.” During the sharing we highlighted a number of bible characters who went through prison on their way to success. As the sharing ended with an invitation made to receive Christ, 221 inmates made a commitment to accept Jesus and become His disciples. 

Through the ministry, we reached 6,040 inmates and introduced them to a number discipleship tools which when undertaken will take a period of one year. One key aspect we emphasized on some of the prisons like Masindi prison was the issue of Baptism which having received affirmation from the inmates on the need for it to be undertaken. At least 2,390 inmates gave their lives to Christ through this program. A consignment of 4,000 tracts in Kiswahili, and Luganda were distributed to the staff and inmates, over 150 discipleship materials, and financial support to both the staff and inmates.

LEADERS TRAINING                                     

We have been privileged to have conducted three 17 stories trainings this month. Masindi, Bugiri and Kamuli are three of the districts where these trainings have taken place. 144 leaders from 50 churches were involved  in these children ministry trainings. These trainings highlighted the value of children ministries to a church, ‘how to evangelize communities through children’s ministries and why the church needs to put much emphasis on grooming these ministries. The training was to pave way for the upcoming training specifically organized for children and youth leaders.

Through this training, we introduced the leaders a number of curriculum’s and booklets.


Purity Talk Workshops                     

We had these happening in three schools in Jinja and Bugiri. These workshops focus on promoting purity especially spiritual and sexual purity in the lives of children. Through the program, we engage the children in life skill programs related to sex and sexuality, body change, children rights and well being, abstinence in which we also incorporate biblical aspects of right living.

Through this program, we looked at addressing the challenge of early sex and misuse of sex through different sex practices. The children were advised to desist from the temptation of engaging in early and various sex practices but wait till the right time. They were also equipped with measures to curb the escalating challenge of child sex abuse. Through the programs, the children were asked to make commitments to abstain and stand their ground a moment that had children breaking down and cry even as they did so. At least 583 children were impact through the program this week and a consignment of 600 Life Skill books and tracts given out to the participants.

Workshop with Street Children and Child Offenders

Kampiringisa is a children’s home/facility built to cater for the rehabilitation of children. It caters for children got from the streets (street children), child offenders, and any other kinds of children in need of rescue. Today, the facility caters for about 295 children of Karamajong origin rescued from the streets having been used to beg for money, children serving sentences for different crimes committed ranging from theft, manslaughter, drug abuse, drunkenness etc, and street children are brought in for being idle and disorderly. All these are kept at the facility meant to help rehabilitate them.

During the outreach, we shared the Gospel with the children and gave them an opportunity to receive Christ. 156 of which did respond to the gospel. We commenced the event with a book and sweet distribution something that excited the children. We are set in partnership with the authorities to undertake life skill programs at the facility. 300 booklets and 80 tracts were distributed during the program.

THE KAMPALA CITY CARNIVAL                                         

We were privileged to be part of the 2nd Kampala City carnival. The annual festival is held in October every year and this happened to be the second of such gathering people from every walk of life, different districts and communities. As the events at the carnival unfolded, we engaged in an evangelistic drive distributing children booklets, tracts and flyers. We actively participated in the children activity sharing about Christ and sharing the story of Jesus in written form but also reaching to the parents and general populace in general.

Through this activity, we distributed 2,000 booklets to the children and 5,000 tracts and flyers to the adults through the event.  Please pray for the seeds which were cast on this day to flourish


One unique aspect of the outreach this month was the Purity campaign program. Through this program, we had the opportunity to share with different children on the issue of sex focusing on homosexuality and its dangers. This was a strange concept to many of the children being that such information is not usually shared freely with the pupils. With the number of such cases and cases of early child sex on the increase, there is great need to take on this campaign.

During the program at one of the Primary schools, we shared on the topic and other different child abuse practices that affect the lives of children. Through the sharing, we hinted on the areas of child sacrifice, witchcraft, sorcery, cannibalism and other related issues that affect children especially in communities like Kitigoma and Masese in jinja. During the sharing when asked if the children were familiar or had come across such scenarios the children were I agreement and when asked if this ever occurred in their families, one of the boys through a lot of struggle raised his hand confessing that his family was engage in much sorcery and cannibalism. To crown the session, we asked the children to repent and pray for the families in line with these areas a moment that saw the children breakdown and weep as they cried out to God to deliver their families.


Our prayer request this month are

  1.  Pray with us for the Church Planters Program in December
  2. Continue to pray for an increase in our monthly Budget so that we may be in position to reach and implement programs new and old districts/Islands that may open up for the program
  3. There is also a great need for a ministry car that would enable us to access these areas.


 As we await answers to the prayers stated above, we look forward to attaining the following targets for the next quarters.

  •  Undertake the Church \Planters program
  •  Reach out to Budaka district one of the most dominated Islam  dominated communities.
  • Replicate the Economic empowerment programs in different communities, 
  • Replicate the discipleship programs in Bugungu Prison and other prisons in the Eastern Region.

 We thank God for all that you are doing to make us able to reach and impact these communities. Your prayers and financial support has given us this privilege to transform communities and create a legacy of peace. Thank you for all that you are doing and for your generous support towards the successful implementations of thee programs. Your prayers and financial support create a great difference in the communities and lives of thousands even as we work towards transforming communities and creating a legacy of peace. You can continue to support these programs by financially or giving in kind by clicking the DONATE button and using any of the options provided.

 May the almighty God bless you.

Yours in Service                                                  

 Robert Sebunya – Team Leader