November 2019 Report

Dear beloved,

I greet you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are honored yet to having had you as a partner who has prayed and supported this ministry to what it has become now, to the point of bearing even much fruit. It’s therefore on this note that I would like to share with you the great and awesome things the Lord has done in November 2019. 

Through the children’s ministry program, at least 3,234 children were reached through the community bible clubs, school outreach programs and open air crusades. 1,223 surrendered their lives to Christ. 3 community bible clubs were formed with 212 children joining.  In the month of November, atleast 4 churches were planted in the districts of Luuka, Soroti, Amuria and Iganga. At least 9 small groups were formed this month with a total of 113 new members joining the small groups in the various districts. 111 of the new believers were baptised with a prospect of about 213 others to be baptized in December. 

As schools come to a close for the year and children break off for a long break, we register high numbers of new children joining the community bible clubs. Christmas time is a season when we reach out and spread the love of Christ to children in the communities. This year, we focusing our attention on children in the community clubs of Bulange in Kampala, Mukono and Ibanda.  The essence of this is to help portray the true meaning of Christmas through different ministry activities. A number of evangelistic programs are to be considered through the outreaches including Christmas parties, the nativity film shows, distribution of tracts and Christian literature and sharing the Christmas story, engage in activities and games related to Christmas like, shading, colouring and drawing. 


“it’s the shepherd’s duty to help the sheep discover what is unique about each of them.”

As an organization that encapsulate children’s ministry as one of its core ministries, Mercy Link has always taken the initiative to help develop the next wave in the army of God. We have always believed that one of the greatest responsibilities of any church or leader is to help the people in his care to spiritually grow and reach for their personal destinies and that the movers and shakers of God’s now and future kingdom are in our children’s community bible clubs or ministry every week. Recognizing talents and spiritual gifts in the children has always been one of our chief endeavors and this is one key areas we have invested in in as far as mentoring and inspiring the young generation has been.  

Angel is a children’s facilitator at Bulange bible club. She joined the club in 2012 aged 12 years after being invited to the of Community bible club by her best friend Samantha. After joining and settling in the club, she showed interest in the club through her regular attendance and willingness to help where need was something that the teachers at the club didn’t overlook. Her love for other children especially the young and vulnerable quickly earned her favor before the toddlers and the other facilitators. Three years ago, Angel was enrolled in our teacher mentorship program and today, she teaches the 4-7 year olds something she promises to do through her vacation.


Testimonies and praise reports like Angel’s have overtime help us realize that If we want to reach the children in our communities, we need to go where they are and not expect them to come to our churches. Many children don’t know what churches are about since they are not Christians yet. We need to find out what the children relate to and speak on their level instead of Christian terminology.

We would like to thank you for faithfully supporting prayerfully, financially, materially and in all other ways for your generosity and love. There are no words good enough to thank you but our prayer is for the Lord to abundantly bless and increase your store houses. 

God Bless You

Mr. Robert S Mpagi