May 2019 Report

Dear Beloved

Greetings once again in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am grateful for I believe the LORD has kept you well. It’s with great pleasure that I bring to you yet this report. January has been great with fulfillment of a number of programs that had remained pending.  I pray this finds you in good health and wealth. In this accord allow us bring you our month report for the month of May 2019.


This month through our evangelistic and discipleship programs conducted in the communities by our faithful church planter and children’s workers, the church planters program saw at least 3,017 people reached and 942 salvations recorded. 317 of the new believers were immediately incorporated in churches with the rest pending follow-up. 256 of the new converts and formerly new believers were baptized with the breakout of the rain season and 5 churches planted across the country. Through the children’s ministry programs, 815 children were reached with the gospel through the evangelistic outreach programs with 352 salvation recorded. 96 of the new convers joined the bible clubs with the rest yet to be followed up.


Name: Kinyara Charles

Occupation: Church Planter

District: Amuru District (Northern Uganda)

“I chose to begin with the women because they are always readily available and willing to serve whenever called. The only challenge I had with them was that almost all of them are illiterate. They can neither read or write and can only speak the local language. I began by teaching them how to share their personal testimonies based on what I had leant through the church planter training program and we went out to share the gospel.” He shares.

Charles is a trainee under the Gulu church planter training program. He enrolled under the program late June 2018. Through this training, he was equipped with skills pertaining to evangelism, target area survey, follow-up, Survey- Finding a target area or place, How to meet people, How to share your   testimony, The dynamics of small study groups, How to start small study bible groups, How to teach basic   doctrines among other topics under the two module of evangelism and discipleship. Through this mentorship program by Charles, the women group have already reached more than 300 adults in his community with over 70 salvations registered.

Adak community is located 15kms from Gulu town. Gulu district was once the epicentre of the Lords resistance movement rebellion which led to the death of over 300,000 people, displacement of over 2 million people and disruption of the church for over a 20 years. As result of this catastrophe, many of the communities have remained impoverished, unreached and illiterate. Many of the locals engage in visiting shrives for spiritual guidance or get affiliated to the traditional regions including Islam or Catholicism.  The goal in the Church Planting and Training Initiative is to establish a rapid increase of indigenous Churches among unreached people groups that will be capable of sustaining evangelization and discipleship of their own communities.


We are faced with a number of challenges in these undertaking among which include;

1.    The Budget: our scope of reach and impact has for far been limited by our monthly and annual budgets. The current budget has greatly affect our evangelistic, church planter, children ministry, trainings, outreach and discipleship programs. Our prayer has been and still is for the Lord to enables us receive adequate funding.

2.    Christian Literature: this has still been a great challenge in as far as our ministry programs are concerned. We have and are in constant need of Bibles/ study bibles, Children booklets, leadership books for the leaders, tracts and booklets for evangelism.

In regard to this, please remember to pray for the ministry activities in the month of June and especially the Raising Hope Final Module and Graduation in Kasese and Gulu. Church planters and community church plants and for the community discipleship programs including the community bible clubs and small group programs for the adults.

We are grateful for the awesome and great things the Lord is doing in our midst and all this is possible because of you prayers and support that has enabled us to reach and touch these communities. We can’t explain how much this means to us but one thing we know for sure is that the Good Lord is surely proud of you. We pray that even as he has been good to us through you, his goodness will never cease to manifest in your life as it has been in ours.

May the almighty God bless you abundantly?

Sincerely yours,