June 2019 Report

Dear Partner,

Glad tidings in the name of Jesus; Thanks for the great work that has seen the expansion of God’s Kingdom in the nations. I believe you are fine and doing even better than before. As for us at Mercy Link, all is well. We thank God for the successful mission outreach we had in partnership with schools, individuals and churches this past week. We can’t help but thank the good LORD and attribute this success to His greatness and ability to have made us partners. I am therefore writing to share of this goodness through this report.


  • This month, a total of 3255 children were reached through the children’s ministry programs in communities and through school outreach programs. 1522 children surrendered their lives to Christ. 4 community bible clubs were started in the course of the outreaches.
  • A total of 1,461 adults were reached with the gospel and 325 surrendered their lives to Christ. A total 83 people were baptized and 2 churches planted.

A total of 248 new testament bibles were distributed and 652 children’s Raising hope booklets distributed during the outreaches.


“This training has been so vital at this beginning stage of this ministry. I really needed this so much especially at this point when we are just beginning this ministry. Yes, we have tried to evangelize but not with such much information after the Mercy Link training. The idea of establishing a follow-up group is so important to us as it will keep us occupied in developing the new believer to the discipleship stage.”

Osbert is a potential church planter in Kampala from covenant global ministries. Under the watch of his pastor Rev Moses Nkwatsibwe, Osbert is in the process of helping plant a living church in Bakuli, in the heart of Kampala City. In doing this, he has been tasked with two other members of the church to attend a church planters training program under our training. Having currently done the first module training, the team led by Osbert has embarked on establishing and running a fellowship at the venue for the intended church plant. Through the first module training, we equipped Osbert with skills on how to do effective evangelism in the community around him and run a follow-up group for the new believers.

“It’s such an honor laying a foundation for this church establishment” Osbert confesses. “Planting a living church is a mandate that was passed to us by my pastor and being in the process of doing so and in the right way brings so much joy with it. I bless God for that thanks to the church planters program” he says.

The goal in the Church Planting and Training Initiative is to establish a rapid increase of indigenous Churches among unreached people groups that will be capable of sustaining evangelization and discipleship of their own communities. Our goal in equipping potential church planters like Osbert is to train and equip the trainees, in cooperation with the local Church, to become skilled in ministry so as to witness knowledge, skills and experience integrated in the person(s) who ministers.


As we engage the new month, please pray for us for,

  1. The communities continue to be in urgent need of bibles and Christian literature for personal discipleship and spiritual growth. We continue to believe God for provision in this area. Please continue believing god with us for this.
  2. The July 2019 programs including the church planter and children’s ministry training programs.
  3. Commit our church planters and children’s workers in the communities praying for strength, provision and commitment.
  4. Pray for protection and wisdom over the volunteering team at mercy link through the month as we travel and train the different groups specifically the master trainers across the country.

We can’t help but thank the Lord for His great favor and for this great connection he has given us. We believe that greater things are yet set to happen as we continue reaching the utter most parts of Uganda.

May the Lord to abundantly bless and increase your store houses.

God Bless You