May 2016 Report

Hello Beloved Partner,

Greetings in the name of Jesus; I pray that all is well. Allow me to extend my sincere appreciation for all that you have done and still doing to let us reach and impact communities through your prayers and the different ministry activities you support each and every month. We are truly grateful. 

Allow me take this opportunity to share with you what has transpired through this great month of May 2016 as a result of you Love and support.


“Despite of the little knowledge and skills, Christians in these communities are making a difference in Christ’s name. I believe once the church planter model is instilled here, there will even be a greater potential for the church in these communities to impact and reach the communities” says Timothy a church planter with our national church planters training program

Like Timothy, a number of our church planters program have taken the call to replicate the model in their communities serious. To this effect, a total of 743 people were reached this month with 182 giving their lives to Christ. 21 baptisms were made with 87 new people joining the different fellowships and churches.


It’s our obligation as an organization to leave no community untouched by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ministry and mission in the rural church is highly demanding of energy and imagination and for this reason, not many individuals and local organizations desire to engage in this. However with our intervention through partnerships with individuals and community local churches, growth is being realized, but much more remains to be done.


“As leaders, our focus is always on adults. That’s where we have put all our efforts yet they are the hardest people to reach and convince. It’s now that I finally see how I can reach and impact this community especially with idea of starting a community Bible club” explains Bampata Besigako a community pastor at kyangwali refugee camp in south western Uganda.

This month, a total of 93 children workers were trained, over 1,600 children and 108 teacher’ training booklets  were used given out during these training programs. We had the children’s training program in two refugee camps of Kyangwali and Rwamwanja in South Western Uganda training a total of 69 leaders from 23 local churches in the camps. the training’s were undertaken with the objective of empowering church and community leaders with skills in reaching and discipling children and youth through children and youth.

Children’s Community Bible Clubs.

This month, one new community bible club was started in Mayuge District in Eastern Uganda. The community club was started in partnership with a community church that is set to take on the club programs under the supervision of the assistant pastor.  A total of 394 children joined the club on its launch with over 100 surrendering their lives to Christ. Mr Igadube Andrew, one of the proprietors of the club who also over sees the Kikalamoja Bible club in Jinja with over 650 children said the club was started with the goal to reach, and rescue the young generation through evangelism and discipleship in a community where the Christian values have been lost.

“The community and leaders ought to understand the value of training children the godly way he says.

A total 512 children joined the different bible clubs this month. 132 surrendered their lives to Christ and 550 children booklets were distributed through the bible clubs.


This month through our outreach programs this month, a total of over 2,500 children booklets, 125 teachers’ manuals, 455 “That I may know him” discipleship  Manuals,  11,500 adult evangelistic booklets and tracts distributed.


We are grateful for your continued support towards our program especially in the area of prayer. The prayers of a righteous man availed much. James 5:16. As you pray for us this month, please pray for

  • The ministry activities in the month of June 2016 including outreaches, establishment of the children ministry programs at the refugee camps, follow-ups and new community partners.  
  • Continue to pray for our entire church planter team that as they engage in the different church planter programs and their communities.
  • Let’s continue to pray for Pr. Joshua Majanga and Pr. Mulawa Emmanuel two of our Church planters whose churches under construction require roofing and rehabilitation.
  • As schools open up for the new term, pray for the re-establishment of the existing discipleship programs and new doors to open in communities, schools and refugee camps.

We are grateful for your continued support for the programs around Uganda. It’s because of Partners like you that we are able to accomplish all that we are doing. Your support and encouragement always grant us the courage and determination to keep keeping on in the midst of the different challenges. We are truly grateful.

May the almighty God bless you abundantly

Sincerely yours,