July 2014 Report

Dear Partner

Glad tidings to you our co-worker in ministry, thanks for the great work that has seen the expansion of God’s Kingdom in the Nations. I pray that all is fine and that you are finding fulfillment in every endeavor that you are engaged in. The Lord is good and doing great and awesome things back here and increasing us as we engage in the great commission of preaching the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the world and discipling  nations as regards Matthew 28:18.

As we come to the end of the month, we yet again bring you this monthly report highlighting what the Lord has enabled us to achieve through your generous support this month. As you read through the report, you will have an opportunity to learn a little more about the new strategies and ministry activities the Lord has led us to undertake this season through the School, Church Empowerment, Film, Prison and the children service programs. It is not possible for us to share with you everything. We do pray what has been shared will encourage you and challenge your faith to grow.


This month has been awesome in the area of school outreaches. We have had the opportunity to consistently impact children in both primary and high school levels with skills and the Word of God in five different schools. This program has already brought measured changes in the knowledge, skills or conditions of the children in line with our goal to equip the children to learn to do things for themselves. These schools include Kasubi SS, God’s Will, Day Star, Katwe, and Good Hope Primary schools.

Good Hope Primary School

This school has proved to be a source of inspiration as concerns our ministry programs to schools. Through the Physical and spiritual life skill programs conducted at this school, the administration has not only availed two distinct periods a week for the programs to be undertaken but have also encouraged the staff to attend the sessions. Under this program, we have covered topics ranging from Appearance, Respect, Speech and Attitude, Table Manners, Caring for Our Teeth- Tooth Decay and other different topics. The knowledge and skill level of the children in these areas have greatly improved something the head teacher acknowledges will not only add onto the betterment of their lives but also their education being that some of these topics are part of the teaching Syllabus. 

A total of 1,533 primary school pupil’s and 844 high school students’ are direct beneficiaries of this program. As we get into the August, our target is to reach four more schools and implement the programs in them as well. With this in plan, we hope to make the children responsible citizens and trustworthy people.


Through this program this month, we have had the opportunity to directly impact three churches and 23 other churches indirectly. These include Kitala Church of Uganda; Jesus is Lord Ministries both in Kampala and Rock Church Ministries Bugiri in Eastern Uganda. Two of the former have been beneficiaries through our Children Services which happen after having received an invitation from a given church through which we speak and impact the whole congregation where as for the latter; it was more of a vision casting training.

Bugiri Vision Casting Training

This training was organized and hosted by Rock Church Ministries located in the heart of Bugiri Town. Bigiri District is located approximately 171 Km from Kampala town. It’s comprised of 11 counties with subsistence farming being one of the greatest economic activities. It’s one of the most Islamized districts due to the early Arab influence leading to the spread of Islam in the communities. Islam therefore has a large dominance with Christianity having a less effect. Drunkenness, prostitution, illiteracy ad poverty are some of the most dominant strongholds in the area besides the challenge of Islam.

With this in mind, we set up the Vision Casting training through Pr. Joshua of Rock Church Ministries from where the training took place. The training attracted a total of up to 53 leaders from Bugiri and surrounding district of Iganga. The training aimed at equipping the leaders on using the children and youth ministries as a tool to impact and transforms the community. The three hour training covered areas such as Why children ministry is important, Facts about Children,  the Biblical basis for a children’s ministry, children with special needs in the community, development of communities through children, Why Bible Clubs and Growth of children and communities through BIBLE CLUB’s. Through this training the participants were enlightened on the potential around them and how the church can dominate the communities. As the training came to the end, the participants were challenged to identify and the different avenues they can utilize to reach and impact their communities discovering which services are available in their areas, map out where these services are, and also where there are people with specific skills/needs.

Besides the training, we distributed 2,000 booklets and 100 copies of the curriculum to be implemented through these programs.


This ministry has a passion for the people to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. There is a great hunger for the Gospel throughout the communities in Uganda and neighboring countries. We want to see the urban areas, the villages, and the islands on Lake Victoria reached with the Gospel. Our outreach is done through gospel video ministry to communities, schools, prisons and church groups.

This month, we engaged Bugiri district in the Eastern part of the country where Islam happens to be the greatest dominating faith in the region. Through Pastor Joshua our touch person in the area, through the local authorities in the area set the show at the Main taxi park in the center of the town. We engaged in a book and tract distribution outreach before the movie started showing distributing over 600 children booklets and 1,450 tracts to the adults in the town centre. This also was an avenue through which we shared about the movie which was about to show. At least 1,132 people had gathered towards the commencement of the movie with about 750 of the congregation being children and youths. 

As the movie ended with an invitation made for the congregation to receive Christ as their personal savior, 814 people raised their hands to receive Christ as their savior with the majority being children after watching the Jesus movie tailor made for them and received the new believers booklets.


Prisons can be a dark place with inmates filled with weights of brokenness, despair, and alienation collected between four thick walls. Mercy Link partners with different dozens Christian partners and volunteers to help facilitate evangelistic events in prisons throughout the country. The permission granted to us to do so by the prison authorities has made this rather difficult task possible. Does the message of Jesus apply here? We believe it does! There are inmates in search of a new beginning! By God’s grace and with your support, we are in the process of reaching and spreading the love of Jesus to them. These evangelistic and discipleship outreaches aim at bringing the inmates to full knowledge of Jesus, and through the discipleship programs helping them discover and know the undisclosed plan of God for their lives as some may not have known God or forgotten all about Him. 

This month we have reached the prisons of Murchison Bay, Bugiri prison, Kirinya Remand, Men and Women prisons. A total of 6,176 inmates have been reached and 2,343 giving their lives to Christ after sharing the Gospel with hem. This had also led to the distribution of 76 Bibles in English and Luganda, 7,200 tracts, 2,600 booklets for the youth and humanitarian items in form of sugar, foodstuffs, nets and soap. As we continue to reach and the disciple the inmates, we trust that upon their release, they will become good followers of Jesus.


Through this program, we had the opportunity to partner with different organizations and individuals in reaching and empowering different communities in different ways. We have had the opportunity to partner with USAID and distribute over 1,600 pair of shoes in different communities, Heath Supplements together with 4LIFE, conduct health trainings courtesy of CHE and many other projects. This month we engaged in yet another health program through another of our programs; Nets 4 Africa

Nets 4 Africa

This is a program under our community health program that entirely works towards eradicating Malaria out of Africa starting with Uganda. Through this program, we undertake awareness campaigns about malaria and also engage in the distribution of Mosquito nets. One African child dies every 30 seconds from malaria. In Uganda, malaria accounts for 25-40% of all outpatient attendances, 20% of all admissions and 9-14% of all in-patient deaths. Every year 70,000 to 110,000 Ugandans die of malaria. Across the country, anywhere from 19,000 to more than 70,000 children under 5 die of malaria each year, depending on whose statistics are used.

To cub this vice, this month, together with GIMI, we took this campaign against malaria to Katwe primary school. Through the generous support of the organization, we distributed mosquito nets to the children at the school and also engage on sharing preventive measure on how to prevent the disease. We encouraged the children to sleep under the treated nets provided and take measures to cub the disease around the school.

To crown the outreach, we shared about the love of Jesus to over 600 children at the school with 273 children confessing Christ as Lord and savior. We also distributed 620 booklets and 50 tracts to the children and teachers at the school. 


Our ministry and discipleship programs in schools and communities have not in vain as we have continued to receive a number of praise reports and testimonies from the teachers and volunteers running the fellowship groups and bible clubs in schools and communities respectively. These have been characterized with physical changes in the lives of the children like, change in the Moral lives of the children, change in appearance from the life skill and life application lessons, change in attitude towards work, the children adopting a new language; a Godly language quoting scriptures visa vie using foul language, improvement in  grades especially in Religious education because of these lessons learnt, children starting to change names in relation to the Bible characters they have learnt about at the club and most of all the children being a able to say prayers in English. These and many other such testimonies have streamed our inbox as we continue to reach and impact communities.  This month has not an exception as we witnessed such a testimony first hand. 

This happened after conducting a life skill lesson at Day star primary school. As we conducted this e life skill our goal was for the children to understand the importance or respecting parents, teachers, elders, pastors, etc. and for them to be able to show respect to others. Having done the lesson and answered a number of questions in line with the topic discussed, we dismissed the children only to later be approached by Alice (Not real names) with a question she thought was not appropriate to be asked earlier since it was not in line with the days topic. Uncle Robert she inquired, “During which period of creation were the Angels created? I have tried to look for the answer to this in the Bible but have still failed to find a verse that talk about it. Can you please tell me? ”

 It was awesome witnessing how much the children were growing in their relationship with God and especially knowing that they were searching their Bibles for answers.  Such testimonies have prompted us to continue to reach even more communities and impact more souls making disciples of the little ones thanks to your generous contributions.


Our prayer requests this month are

  1. Continue to pray for an increase in our monthly Budget so that we may be in position to reach and implement programs new and old districts/Islands that may open up for the programs.
  2. There is also a great need for a ministry car that would enable us to access these areas.
  3. Lastly pray for peace and stability in the western part of the country where there has been massive killings of up to 90 and arrests arising from tribal/land conflicts dating back to 1925 leading to fears displacement of hundreds in the districts of Kasese and Bundibugyo.


As we await answers to the prayers stated above, we look forward to attaining the following targets for the next quarters.

  • Establish our programs in Kamuli and Mbale Districts
  • Follow-up program to Adjumani district and evaluate the programs established through the Reach-out South Sudan Program.
  • Begin the Community Health Evangelistic programs in Kikalamoja and Makenke.
  • Replicate the discipleship programs in Bugungu Prison and other prisons in the Eastern Region.
  • Introduce a discipleship program for the women in the adult literacy program at Day Star Primary School.

We are grateful once again for this opportunity to serve with you and your generous contributions towards the activities of the ministry. Through your generous support, you enable us build and help bring transformation in the communities and lives of individuals. Please we still need your support and therefore request you to click on the DONATE button to donate towards this cause.

May the Good Lord bless and increase you

Yours in Service

Robert Sebunya – Team Leader