July 2018 Report

Dear Beloved,

Greetings once again in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Allow me take this privilege to thank God for enabling us get this far in tis year of the Lord. We are grateful and believe the LORD has kept you well.

It’s with great pleasure that I yet bring to you this report. July has been great with fulfilment of a number of programs.  It’s in this accord that I bring to you this report hoping this finds you in good health and wealth.

Evangelism and Outreaches

This month, a total of 2 churches were planted in Gulu district, 1,259 people were reached with the gospel and 337 people surrendered their lives to Christ with 64 baptisms recorded. A total of 203 of the new believers joined a church or small group in the communities. The outreach programs this month, a total of 1,412 children were reached through these program and 521 children surrendered their lives to Christ and a total of 2 children’s community bible clubs were established.


Name: Bajje Musa

Designation: Church planter/Associate pastor/Builder

Church Plant: Antioch Christian Centre Church

District: Busia District

“To me, the Church Planters Training program was a prayer answered and breakthrough in my ministry.  The module 1 training helped me gain more confidence and skill up in the area of evangelism which I spend most of my time doing. Learning about spiritual mapping and talking to contacts was eye opening and made me realize why I had struggled in my two attempts to plant a church a few years back.” Musa Says

Pr. Musa was born in a wealthy Muslim family in Busia district found at the Uganda/Kenya boarder. He grew up from a staunch Muslim background although he also had an opportunity to live in a Christian setting. As a Muslim, he confesses that he hated anything to do with Christianity and openly spoke against it something that would lead him in trouble during his junior school since he stayed at a pastor’s home. After completing junior school, he received his freedom from any attempts to convert him to Christianity and left home to engage in businesses that one by one collapsed after sometime which events played a role in leading to his salvation.

“My salvation was a miracle. I was introduced to a Christian intercessor by a Muslim friend called Shaban at a point when I was about to run mad from stress and depression. He actually told me I was going to run mad in a week which so happened to come as a confirmation to a dream I had earlier had. This prompted me to go with him to visit the intercessor” he says.

That would then become his path to salvation sealed with a special night when God spoke to him in a vision and commissioned him to serve Him. He would then join Antioch Christian Centre where now he serves as a co-pastor.

Pr. Musa was enrolled in the church planters program in Bugiri in Eastern Uganda in April 2018. He was endorsed by his church as a potential candidate for the program from a number of other potential church planters from his church. He has currently undertaken two module trainings in evangelism and Discipleship under the program. He is helping set discipleship programs for his church and branch churches in Busia district.

“I have tried as much as possible to disciple my co ministers at church. Most of the lessons shared at the church planters program sound foreign to most of them yet make a lot of sense when applied. I am working closely with my pastor to establish small groups and discipleship classes for the converts and church members.”

Musa plans to establish two church plants next near in the two districts of Bugiri and Mayuge as he continues to be equipped through the church planting program and mentoring leaders in his church.


Please as you pray for us, remember to specifically pray for

  • The ministry activities in the month of August including the Vision casting trainings Bwera Kasese, Masaka, Busaabala and Kiroba in Iganga Districtm, the children’s ministry programs in Bunalwenyi Iganga, Kamuli, and Bulonde and the Church Planter Programs in Busaana.

Thank you for your loyal partnership. We don’t take this lightly. That’s why we have made it our responsibility to dutifully utilize the availed resources for the intended purpose. It’s because of your willingness to stand with us that we are determined to endeavor to improve the well-being and holistically effect individuals and communities I the areas the Lord leads us.  Our prayer is that the almighty will continue to prosper you in all your endeavors.

May the almighty God Bless you.