February 2018 Report


Name: Pr. Ayume Israel

“This training is fulfilling and has kindled a fire in me. Evangelism had become a challenge to. But with what I have experienced, I can’t wait to do the first module training” said Ayume Israel

Pr. Ayume is a potential church planter from Yeyi South Sudan currently living as a refugee in Arua. He is one of the 35 potential church planters who attended our vision casting training in Arua district in March 2018. Through this training we introduce the church planters, pastors and leaders to the key ministry aspects pertaining to church planting and children ministry. I so doing, we increasing the capacity of the leaders through building their knowledge and skills on church planting, management and multiplication but also child growth and development, based on Biblical foundations, for relevance and sustainability. Through this training, also envisioned the leaders on the training programs we are set to introduce in the near future.

“I was challenged about what you shared especially the five steps in planting a living church. I believe our being here is not a mistake but a time to be prepared to go back to Sudan and do what God has called us to do. But this time do it right” he continued to emphasize. 

Our goal through all this is to ensure that the potential church planters are equipped with the necessary skills and commissioned to go forth and plant living churches in their communities so as to fulfill the God given mandate of planting a living church in every community by ordinary believers. This is a vision that Ayume grasped and committed himself to even as preparation begin for the launch of the program in the district. 

“I am already prepared for this training. I believe this is one training all pastors in the refugee camp need for us to effectively plant churches and disciple our brothers in the Camp. If only they had the opportunity to witness what you have shared, I believe they would demand like me that this training begins tomorrow so that they become better leaders. I pray you shorten the time of the training” he concluded. 

This training program is set to be launched in December 2019 through which Ayume and the trainees will go through a one and a half year hands on training in church planting. 


Remember in prayer the many significant ministry events taking place around the country. We kindly request your prayers in the following areas  

  • The church planters and children workers especially those currently facing persecution across the country.
  • For the 160 Children’s worker trainees expected to graduate in march 2018
  • Pray for the prison ministry program that’s falling apart as a result of opposition and competition from other faiths.
  • For the boda boda (Bikers) outreach program that we planning to undertake in form of a seed project. 
  • The New door opening in Refugee camps in West Nile Regions of Adjumani, Arua and Moyo Districts.
  • For the next programs set to be launched starting April 2018.
  • Ask God to prepare the hearts of every man and woman attending the trainings.
  • Pray that these programs would have an eternal impact on people

As we embrace the year, opportunities have continued to knock at our doors even as we reach the communities. We have already witnessed four doors opening for us in four communities in the month of January and February 2018. Opportunities have also opened for us in 2 refugee camps in Northern Uganda with over 100,000 refugees. We believe with His grace that by the end of the year, we would have engaged and established some of our programs in these communities. Thank you for faithfully standing with us in all circumstances. 

We pray that even as he has been good to us through you, his goodness will never cease to manifest in your life as it has been in ours.


Robert Sebunya