February 2015 Report

Dear Partners

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus and we are grateful for your support towards God’s work and we are very grateful for all that He has been doing and especially using you to accomplish it.

I hereby present to you this month’s ministry activity report praying that it finds you well.


In our children service programs this month, we engaged in school outreaches, and running community bible clubs in and around Kampala.

School Outreaches

In the school outreach programs this month, we reached a total of 1,054 children from Day star, Eleon and Magwa primary schools in Jinja District and Nakulabye slum 3 Kilometers from the city centre. Through these outreaches, We shared the gospel on the school assemblies and also distributing 1,200 children booklets and bibles to the children.

Through this exercise we distributed up to 200 bibles and 1,100booklets to the children.423 children gave their lives to Christ.

Children’s Ministry Leaders Training

This month we had the opportunity to train up to 32 children workers through a leader’s consultative meeting held in Kampala Uganda. The meeting targeted children and youth workers from the central, Eastern and Northern regions who were trained on how to effectively reach and run the children Ministry, tell the Gospel to children, How to communicate to different age groups, Lesson planning and how to develop their own curriculum, Teaching Life Skills to Pre-teens and Teenagers, Child Protection, Advocacy and Wellbeing.

We encouraged the leaders to work towards planting Children Community Bible Clubs with the implementation already underway.

The Community Bible Clubs

Currently we have 12 community bible clubs running in the Eastern and Central parts of the country. These provide discipleship to approximately 2,033 children every weekend in the respective districts. One such club is the Bulange community club located about 4kms from the city centre. The club disciples 120 children on average every weekend from the slums.

This month, through the club meetings we reaped 237 souls for Christ as the clubs met after the break from the third term holidays. With the goal of planting at least 5 new clubs this year, we are yet to witness a growth in these numbers.


In our community outreach programs this month, we were involved in prisons outreaches to 966 inmates in three prisons  and a ministry outreach to the 153 handicapped from Kampala.

Prison Outreach

In the prison outreach programs this month, we reached out to the prisons of Luzira Women, Kirinya remand and Women and also Kampiringisa Juvenile home. A total of 1187 inmates were reached through this program and a total of 345 gave their lives to Christ after sharing the gospel. We distributed 248 bibles to the inmates at the prisons and a consignment of 1,000 gospel tracts.

At Kapiringisa remand Home, besides sharing the Gospel we also made donations of mosquito nets, clothes and shoes to 231 juveniles after a request from the administration for a humanitarian support to the rehabilitation centre. Plans are currently underway to work with the administration to establish a discipleship program at the facility to help in the rehabilitation of the children especially from the streets of Kampala.

Ministry to the Handicapped

In our ministry to the People with disabilities (PWD) this month, we reached out to the handicapped at Kampala school of the Handicapped three Kilometers away from the city centre where we ministered the word of the Lord to the children and also distributed up to 200 scripture portions to 153 children at the facility. This came after the school opened up for the new term.  At least 54 children have their lives to Christ during the outreach.

As part of the discipleship program at the school, we are introducing the children to a six week discipleship curriculum to help root them in their faith.


In our efforts to transform communities and create a legacy of peace, we have labored to reach and empower children and youths who are not just the leaders and church tomorrow but today. One area we have put emphasis in doing this s through the school outreaches where we have had the opportunity to reach and empower them in large numbers through the fellowship groups, life skill programs, discipleship programs but also through scripture placements.

This month, we reached and started a discipleship program at Eleon Infant School Located in the Kasubi slum approximately 3kms from Kampala City. The school was started about two years ago to help rid the increasing rate of illiteracy in the community especially among the children. With the increasing rate of child related crime due to idleness and drug abuse, there has been an increased need for a program to counter the problem hence the establishment of the school. Through the outreach, we shared the gospel with the children of which 27 gave their lives to Christ and we have started a 17 week discipleship program with them. We also engaged in scripture placement program at the school distributing booklets and bibles.


As we progress in the different areas of ministry this year, please continue to prayer with us ;

·         For the children and youth leaders in the respective locations to prosper in all their ministry activities

·         For more souls to be won even as we reach new communities.

We are grateful for every effort and support you have given us and ensuring that we reach the communities with the word of God.


Yours faithfully

Robert Sebunya – Team Leader