The Community Youth Hubs

Many Children community Bible Churches over the years we have had been formed after trainings in different communities along side Churches, organizations, schools, prisons and community leaders sensitizing them on the value of children and how to engage and transform communities through children.

As a result we have seen communities slowly being transformed. Being that Mercy Links focus is not only on the children alone but on the person as a whole. Our dream is to see that this person is catered for through all the stages of his/her life that’s to say from being a child, to a pre-teen, to a youth, to an adult and finally to the old age.

As children become Pre-teens and youths, they tend not like to be associated or put together with children as a result when no special program is set for them, they end up finding alternative programs else where. Knowing this very well, we have been preparing to launch these rather fast growing children to the next phase which is the Youth community Bible Churches.

Just like the Children community Bible Churches, Youth Hubs are created to cater for the physical and spiritual needs of the participants. However, unlike the children’s community Bible clubs, the members are basically Pre-teens and youths from the ages of 14-27 years.

The purpose of the Hub is three fold.

• Leadership Development

• Discipleship

• Crime Prevention

The activities in these Hubs differ greatly from those in the community Bible clubs since they are more engaging. The participants are more engaged in the running of the Hubs along side the facilitators’ since the activities are more practical that oral. Some of these activities include.

• Outreaches

• Short Discipleship courses

• Seed projects

• Voluntary work

• Life skill lessons

• Counseling

• Evangelism

• Clubs - Music - Art - Dance - Readers and writers - Drama

• Camps and Rallies

• Sports and indoor games

• Civic and Vocational Education

• Exposure Tours

Through these hubs, we believe to cub down crime in these communities being that over 90% of crimes committed in communities are by pre-teens and youths. This has basically been because the young people have not be engaged in activities that allows them to effectively put their energy into practice. These hubs will also cater for talent/skill development, leadership and human resource development among other benefits. As we develop this concept, we believe to see communities transform and the young generation grow to be great men and women who will in turn change the world.

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